Monday, June 14, 2010

Look what I found!

Another take on the bizarre Jew York Times story about untold wealth under Afghanistan:
"It's just the most bizarre thing I've read in ages. Just imagine that superduper discovery moment, folks, cos it's straight out of Catch 22....

Grunt: "Oh look what I found here, Sir!"

General: "What's that, soldier?"

Grunt: "Look Sir! A trillion dollars worth of minerals Sir!"

General: "Good work, soldier. I'll tell the President immediately."

So the NYT today informs on some strange discovery that neither the US (nor Russia before it) had any idea about? They just kinda started digging around after entering Afghanistan and found all this stuff by accident and had no inkling of its existence before? My stars, you gringos make me laugh."

The only thing more hilarious than that the Jews assume the goyim are stupid enough to keep running into their traps is that the goyim are stupid enough to keep running into their traps. Until Pakistan is completely wrecked the Americans will just have to keep fighting this War For The Jews in Afghanistan, while hoping that the miraculous pot of gold will somehow pay for it.
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