Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not again!

Lots more Iran talk these days, coming from the usual unnamed sources (Jews), and from inside Iran itself (in the ultimate irony, the government in Iran is using the Iran talk to increase its own popularity). How many times have I called out the Iran talk as bullshit? How many times have I been right? This bout of Iran talk is particularly ludicrous, coming at a time when the Americans just finished shredding their credibility as a superpower in their pathetic attempt at getting the world to apply sanctions. Do you think they could possibly now turn around and start a war?

Here's Noam, who must have gone to Israel to get his marching orders from the Head Jew, piling on. Note how he talks up the tension while feigning concern. You might note that the Iran talk always picks up when the Israelis want to change the subject.
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