Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Pentagon is said to be looking for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in connection with the material, including sensitive documents containing frank American diplomatic assessments of the Middle East ('the Jews are fuckin' nuts!), allegedly leaked by American super-patriot Bradley Manning. Question: if the Pentagon really was looking for him, would they make a big deal out of it? I'm sure they know where he is at all times. The Pentagon is acting as if it wants WikiLeaks to publish the material immediately.

Whenever Israel feels insecure, it has its agents at the London Times issue a phony story concerning the Saudis allowing Israeli overflights on the way to bomb Iran. I don't doubt some of the crypto-Jews who run Saudi Arabia would like to help the Jews. But if you look at a map, an overflight of Saudi Arabia on the way to Iran makes no sense. Since Israel burned its bridges with Turkey, the only possible attack route now is from Georgia, and even that is probably logistically impossible.

Actually, the more the Jews talk about attacking Iran, the less likely the attack. They are just posturing - lying to themselves, as always.
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