Saturday, June 05, 2010

Off the deep end

The hasbara efforts are revealing the deep insanity caused by supremacism. Max Blumenthal documents a particularly incompetent and bizarre attempt to doctor the audio record of the approach of the Israelis to the Mavi Marmara. The new hasbara release actually differs from a previous posting by the IDF on YouTube (!), and contains a a recording of Huwaida Arraf who wasn't on that boat. Even the commentators to the Haaretz article are making fun of the doctoring (the comments are still there, as is the headline, but the article itself seems to have been pulled).

Perhaps more insane is Caroline Glick's version of 'We Are The World', sure to be included in compilations of the world's weirdest music from now on. So let me get this straight. You illegally attack a ship in international waters containing humanitarians delivering necessary aid to suffering human beings, slaughter a bunch of the aid workers, and then create a rather expensive parody song making fun of the victims of your slaughter? And you think this is going to help your international reputation? I have to add that Glick didn't just escape from an insane asylum - she is the Deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post!!! This is just tribal. You've slaughtered a neighboring tribe, so now you gather around the campfire to sing of your victory. Violent racist supremacism is the only thing that could make this weirdest of hasbara efforts seem helpful.

You see what the world is up against? This kind of insanity isn't treatable. Put the mad dog down!
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