Friday, June 04, 2010


If you haven't had a good vomit today, watch the crap being fed to the American Christian right. Pipes, who is either the spitting image of the Devil or the Devil itself, is surprisingly restrained, but the total message is nothing short of insane.

"Rabbis: Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophecy":
"The Rabbinical Council of Judea and Samaria issued a statement Thursday in which it said that the results of the incident in which Israel intercepted a flotilla trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza seem like the Biblical description of "the beginning of the Gog and Magog process where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption."

The statement explained that while secular Zionism always wants Israel to be beloved by other nations, "the legitimacy of our people is not derived from the nations of the world and their poisonous traditions, rather from the Torah of Israel which teaches us that [Israel] 'is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations'" (Numbers 23:9). They emphasized that there is no reason to be alarmed by the world's condemnation as it is a predicted result of fear of Israel's success."
True progressivism has to be 'anti-Semitic', as philo-Semitic forces want to drag the world back to the ancient, pre-enlightenment simplicity craved by the stupids. In other words, the fight against Zionism is an intellectual battle. It is the Jews who have chosen this battlefield, and if a progressive world is to survive, they are the ones who will have to die on it. The only solution is to put the mad dog down. I'm serious: if we don't put the mad dog down, the Jews and the allies they have chosen, the Christian right, will drag us down into the dark days of their holy book.
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