Friday, June 25, 2010

'Progressive' tricks

The Nation, a notoriously Zionist 'progressive' rag, after a five-month investigation, claims to have found two anonymous Kurds who state that the three American hikers were seized by Iran while they were in Iraq. Americans have a term for this - 'hot pursuit' - and do it all the time. Note that there are no witnesses who claim that the hikers were not in Iran, just two anonymous witnesses who, as Kurds, probably have an animus against Iran. Btw, do you think any other group of American hikers would warrant a five-month investigation by The Nation? Many of the comments to the Gawker posting are sufficiently cynical (as are some of the comments to the original article - "I guess we should chalk it up to The Nations funding sources, eh?").

The irony in all this is that this 'investigation' is exactly the sort of thing which will delay the release of the hikers. As their detention is being used as Zionist propaganda so the Jews can attempt to trick the Americans into committing genocide against the innocents in Iran (the same old Jewish trick requesting the same old Jewish solution), the delay is probably what the Zionist editors of The Nation intend.
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