Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Rachel Corrie gambit

You can't understand Israel and the Jewish attitude towards it unless you understand how violent group supremacism works. Rachel Corrie wasn't suicidal. She assumed that the bulldozer driver would recognize her as a fellow human being, and stop. Her thinking process was that she would afford the bulldozer driver the courtesy, indeed the privilege, of sharing the compass of her moral sphere. As a fellow moral being, he would never hurt her, particularly when hurting her would disprove her thesis of his morality. Non-violent protest always makes the assumption that shared morality as human beings will cause the state instruments of violence to avoid their default actions. That's the gambit: I assume you are a moral being like me - do you dare disprove my assumption by hurting me?

To a violent group supremacist, Rachel Corrie's assumptions were an outrage. How dare she assume that she was on the same moral plane as the bulldozer driver? Didn't she know that he was a superior being? Her attempt to bring him down to her level, the level of farm animals or insects, was the worst insult that could be made to a Jew. So he ran her over. In standing up for group supremacism, he immediately became an Israeli folk hero.

The humanitarians on the Gaza flotilla made the same mistake in assuming they could use moral suasion to influence Jewish behavior. This insult to the Jews caused so much outrage that it resulted in the massacre.

The lites make a different kind of supremacist mistake. They plead moral supremacism: since the Jews are the Superior Beings, they thus must have the superior mortality. Therefore, their Jewishness means they can't be doing the things they constantly do. In the sphere of Jewish morality, this is completely illogical. Goyim don't have the moral worth of Jews. Therefore, Jewish morality provides limited protection for those who aren't Jews (it is curious that the movement to bring animals within the moral sphere of human beings is a Jewish movement). This explains why lite Zionism is doomed to fail, and why supremacist Jews of all kinds can never hope to solve the problem they've caused.
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