Monday, June 28, 2010

Stephen Harper Ozymandias versus the 'thugs'

Stephen Harper Ozymandias spent over two billion dollars on security for his useless summits, an obvious bit of self-aggrandizement, and the expense, much of it handed out corruptly to political pals, became a political issue. He thus needed to justify the massive waste, corruption and assault to civil liberties:
  1. The police held back from the peaceful protests;
  2. Government agents provocateurs were sent in to attack their fellow police officers and do some photogenic property damage (they had the same boot problem as the agents provocateurs in Quebec);
  3. The police allowed the damage to occur;
  4. Only then did the police stir themselves to arrest hundreds of peaceful protesters (this article from Catherine Porter at the Toronto Star is amazingly prescient);
  5. Then Ozymandias proclaimed that the two billion dollar expense was justified due to the 'thugs'.
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