Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Rabbi Who Recorded Helen Thomas Now Suffers From His Own Viral Video Past" Of course, being a racist doesn't disqualify you from being a rabbi. Some would say it is a requirement for being a rabbi.

"The Flotilla Massacre: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications"

"Photos Israel does not want you to see: Hurriyet photos of disarmed Israeli commandos receiving medical care" "Israel responds to the photos they didn't want you to see" "Photographs of Battered Israeli Commandos Show New Side of Raid"

"'Israelis Threw 4 Injured Into the Sea'" The Turks know who was on the ship, and who got off, so it should be easy to verify if anybody is missing.

"Evidence Mounts: Yahoo and AP Manipulating User Content" They move comments around from other articles to bury inconvenient opinions and create a misleading impression of the public reaction to the content of the article. I note that many of the comments to the Helen Thomas lynching, including those on obviously Zionist websites (of course, all the mainstream media is under strict Jew-control), were remarkably informed and astute, and cut right through the Zionist bullshit.
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