Sunday, July 18, 2010

CIA embarrassment

Despite furious spinning by the embarrassed Americans (the CIA lies aren't even coherent, as they now say he was a low-level scientist who somehow has been providing them with vital information for years), the truth about Iranian double agent Shahram Amiri is starting to ooze out (but note the neocon attempt to make lemonade out of lemons in the last paragraph):
"Former U.S. intelligence agents have predicted that Amiri will disappear into prison or even face death, despite the hero's welcome he was accorded as he was met by his wife and hugged his seven-year-old son.

But his decision to fly back voluntarily, claiming outlandishly that he was kidnapped by CIA and Saudi agents during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia last June and then tortured in the U.S., has prompted suspicions that he was a double agent working for Iran all along.

There are also questions about why the Iranian authorities allowed him to travel alone to Saudi Arabia, despite his sensitive work, and why he left his family behind if he was intending to leave Iran permanently.

And his role as one of the sources for the now heavily disputed 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that downplayed Iran's suspected nuclear weapons operations has raised further doubts."
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