Saturday, July 24, 2010


False-flag-arama (my emphasis in red):
"A retired U.S. Air Force colonel charged in the 1980s in an Iran-contra related weapons smuggling case has been indicted in a U.S. federal court in Miami with conspiring with an Israeli aeronautics engineer to illegally export 2,000 AK-47s to Somalia."
The Israeli, Chanoch Miller, was the buyer, and the weapons were to be shipped from Bosnia. Haaretz thinks the whole thing is a story about the kidnapping of an Israeli national ('kidnapping' being the proper term to use when a Jew is arrested for committing a crime). Of course, were Americans to attack Somalia, these guns would be discovered, and no doubt would be traced back to an Islamic terrorist group in Bosnia (which could then be attacked for harboring an Islamic terrorist group), thus justifying the American invasion as part of the 'war on terror'.

Meanwhile, another American Jew is in trouble for pretending to be an Islamist terrorist. Shades of Adam Gadahn. These people aren't usually arrested, so you have to wonder if the Americans are finally showing some displeasure at all the false flags.
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