Friday, July 02, 2010

Fever pitch

"Iran: Rumors of war reach fever pitch" - some sanity. The Americans won't attack for the foreseeable future. The Yanks are up to their necks in trying to get the Europeans on side with sanctions, with the Europeans having to decide whether they want to go along and shoot themselves in the energy foot. Of course, any country smart enough not to go along suddenly has a huge competitive advantage with respect to Iran, and the chance to build long-term energy relationships (I like to call the American and other sanctions legislation "An Act for the Impoverishment of our own Corporations for the Benefit of the Jews and our Competitors"). The Israelis are crazy enough that they might try anything, but an attack would have to originate from north of Iran, and it wouldn't happen at a time, like now, when they keep talking about it (!!!).
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