Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Blowing the Whistle on the Snitch Racket" (counterintelligence is a bitch):
"The undermining paradox of secret organizations is that they require snitching on violators: disclosing secrets. And they are rewarded for doing so.

A similar paradox involves leaking confidential information: the greater the leakage the greater the secrecy countermeasures. The greater the secrecy the greater punishment for leaking and the greater the rewards for abetting leaking.

In both paradoxes, snitching is valorized as heroic to cloak its inherent betrayal - valorized and hyperbolized by beneficiaries of secret snitching who face little risk. Snitches leverage this to demand more honor and pay or else drop the axe on those who believe themselves masters.

Authoritarians fear their own spies like no other enemy. This paranoia begets counterspies which beget counter-counterspies, endlessly, who snitch on one another, profitably."
"Microscopically chromed lining" The latest Breitbart phony gotcha was undermined by an anomaly in the timing of the revealing of the lie.

Blankfort on Chomsky's deep bad faith on Zionism, revealed by his indefensible and incoherent position on BDS. It is important to note that Chomsky is smart enough to realize that he is undermining his entire life's work, but the power of tribalism compels him.

The concentration camp guard at his most vile.
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