Sunday, July 25, 2010

Israel, the movie

Remember the story of the sub-human who was convicted of rape for deceiving a Jewish woman that he was actually a human being so she would have sex with him? I've been racking my brain to determine what this reminds me of. 'Blade Runner'! Harrison Ford plays a Blade Runner, a human being whose job it is to destroy the human-like robots called replicants if they start to pretend to be human beings. Blade Runners are the Israeli justice system. Of course, the Blade Runner played by Harrison Ford becomes hopelessly corrupted by the replicants, and may even be a replicant (the much discussed origami left by the character played by Edward James Olmos . . . ). Jews are terrified of sexual pollution by sub-humans. Of course, the replicants/Palestinians turn out to be the only real human beings.
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