Tuesday, July 20, 2010


More of this will help a lot:
"Three Israeli men have been turned out of Mauritius on suspicion they were there on a secret mission to spy on tourists from Dubai, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

The three arrived on the island, an exotic tourist destination in the Indian Ocean, in order to conclude their trip to the Soccer World Cup.

But they never made it to the turquoise beaches. As soon as they landed immigration officers, who were convinced they were Mossad agents who had come to the island to disturb the peace, placed them under arrest and submitted them to hours of intensive interrogations."

"He said they had arrived Saturday on a British Airways flight, and were held up at passport control. "They looked at our passports, flipped through them, and then began to speak in French, saying, 'Israelis, Israelis'," Roee said.

Unfortunately, a flight from Dubai had landed on the island just moments before theirs had arrived. The immigration officers, fearing a case similar to that of the Mabhouh assassination, prevented them from passing.

They were taken to another room where, they say, the officers began to yell at them. "They claimed our passports were fake and didn't believe a word we said," Roee recounted.

"They didn't understand why we hadn't booked a hotel for the first night, and asked if we had any money. We showed them credit cards, but they just kept saying, 'Israeli, Israeli' as if we had done something wrong.""
"After hanging up, Roee and his friends insisted upon staying on the island. "They replied that we would be detained for six months because we tried to enter with fake passports," he said.

The immigration officers also refused to call the Foreign Ministry in order to ascertain the identity of the young men. "I told the one in charge I wanted to speak to someone above him. He said, 'Go talk to the president of Mauritius'," Roee said.

Furious, the three were placed on a flight back to South Africa. They had spared no expense to enjoy their vacation, and paid for first-class seats on the way to the island, Roee said, but ended up spending just a few infuriating hours in the airport."
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