Sunday, July 11, 2010

Propaganda Preparation for the Final Solution in Lebanon

The Jews don't intend to attack Iran. They are going to attack Lebanon. They are going to carpet bomb the civilians in South Lebanon into dust. We know this because the Jews have already started the propaganda preparation for the Final Solution in Lebanon. The rather silly presentation on how Hezbollah has hidden its weapons in civilian centers is the start of getting the world ready to accept a holocaust, all in the name of Jewish 'self-defense'.

We know Hezbollah doesn't hide its weapons in civilian centers because:
  1. it didn't in the last illegal Jewish attack;
  2. any Israeli attack on rocket emplacements would hurt civilians, and Hezbollah depends on good relations with the civilian population; and
  3. Israel has too many spies in the civilian population, so hiding weapons near civilians risks detection by those reporting back to Israel.
It is preposterous to give up intelligence this way, as Hezbollah will just move its weapons. The only reason for such an IDF dog-and-pony show is to provide the propaganda background to prepare the world for what the Jews intend to do to South Lebanon, a massacre of all the civilians the Jews can slaughter. We know the IDF can't beat Hezbollah. Plan B is therefore to remove all the civilian population.
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