Saturday, July 10, 2010

René Schneider and Henry the K

Nixon and Kissinger joked on tape about the incompetence of the CIA in assassinating the Chilean army commander-in-chief, René Schneider, in 1970. The twist is that this is another example of Kissinger protecting himself. If you read the full story as told by Hitchens (before he lost his mind in a tragic architectural accident on September 11, 2001), it wasn't the CIA but Kissinger himself who was behind the strategy to use disgruntled Chilean military to kill Schneider. The CIA was just the messenger and supplier of weapons. In fact, the CIA seemed to think the plan was a bad idea, but Henry the K kept pushing for it. The CIA's post-assassination cover up seems to be directed at distancing Kissinger from the issue. One could argue that the Washington Post is protecting Kissinger by focusing so much on the role of the CIA, exactly what Kissinger was doing in his talk with Nixon.
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