Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doctrine of the Periphery, R. I. P.

Fanger Kay is furious at Toronto Pride for doing the right thing.

Fare jumpers insurance. Since the authorities only catch a small number of the fare jumpers, this makes financial sense (although the premium seems awfully high). If this took off, the insurers would force governments to impose incarceration penalties. It is too bad we can't come up with insurance against the levies imposed on us by big capital.

For some reason, the fare jumpers reminded me of this. The good old days . . .

"Crises of Capitalism"

Richard Cohen is a hero to the lites, and his fangs pour with blood.

More on the New York Times making a fool of itself on Venezuela.

It is amusing how the Americans are going through the motions on Kagan, with the unmentionable Jewish jackboot on the necks of both Democrats and Republicans guaranteeing the nomination. Unceasing lying about Jewish power - the lie taking the form of having to come up with alternative convoluted explanations to cover up simple brute force - makes much American commentary hilarious.
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