Friday, July 09, 2010

Turn the other cheek

Here's that old Philip Kurian piece I liked so much (impossible to find using Google; easy to find using Bing!). Kurian was lynched for writing it, and not because there was anything untrue in it. The peculiar absence of grace in the Jews, the quickness to take offense at the merest hint of a perceived slight, and the need to seek the most complete revenge possible - and later, of course, the dancing on the grave to the tunes of klezmer music - is all over this ridiculous Octavia Nasr firing (which follows the Helen Thomas firing). Utter absence of grace looks even worse with increasing power.

It is interesting that grace, or at least the appearance of grace, is one of the leading values of the WASPs the Jews beat out to take over America. People with power who choose never to pass up a chance to prove their power and vindictiveness, who revel in winning every tiny battle while wrecking their opponents, are remembered, but not fondly. Enjoy that power while you can!
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