Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up to their old tricks

Noam says the idea that he is against boycotting Israel is an 'internet rumor', then proceeds to state that he is against boycotting Israel.

There really is no coherent way to understand his position. It is primitive and tribal. It makes a mockery of his entire life's work.

Speaking of tribal, idiot Zionist columnist Richard Cohen says "Thank you, Switzerland, for freeing Polanski". He has a convoluted explanation (read the comments!), but we all know Cohen wouldn't even bother to write about Polanski if it wasn't tribal (and Polanski apparently doesn't consider himself to be Jewish!). Oh, and Harry Truman didn't put up with the state of Israel against the (correct) advice of all his highest gentile advisers because he was moved by the "plight of Jews", he put up with the state of Israel because rich Jews kept coming into his office with suitcases full of money (in other words, nothing has changed).

I think it odd that primitive tribalism is considered to be downright embarrassing in modern society unless the tribesman is Jewish, in which case it is so common, and so expected, we don't even notice.
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