Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It was heartwarming to watch Barry and Bibi celebrate the greatest love of all, that of the shabbos goy for Jewish billionaire money.

There is a lot of talk about this peculiar piece of undeniable common sense in the Daily Beast (peculiar in that everybody talks about it in private, and everybody knows it, but Jewish power means that nobody dares say it or write about it in public), although it makes the bizarre, and traditionally ultra-Zionist - Dersh and his ilk - claim that Sirhan Sirhan was operating with Arab motives concerning RFK's support for Israel, a claim that would have surprised Sirhan Sirhan. The notebooks were written before Kennedy's support for Israel was public knowledge, which might lead one to think that Sirhan's programmer included this language as part of the creation of the legend of the patsy (and might further lead one to think that the programmer had Zionist motives).

More Lomo versus Greenwald. Lomo isn't very convincing.

"Why did Haaretz pull this editorial after a couple of hours?" It's true - if you search for it, it is gone (although it has been copied in a few places).

"Exxon Coffee Ads Used Nazi Slogan" Since the Nazis spoke German, the Germans may have to find a new language to speak.

"Hollywood stars snub film festival" There's a secret boycott going on.

People seem to prefer red cups.
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