Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Globe and Mail has fired its only decent columnist, Rick Salutin, and replaced him with perhaps the worst columnist working in North America, Irshad Manji.

I really think Frank Gaffney needs neurosurgery from a guy who knows nothing about neurosurgery, but talks about it a lot.

"Noise Against the Bankers in Europe" - phony 'bin Laden' 'al-Qaeda' terror scare to distract against bankster thieving in Europe.

"US, UK Construction Firms Land Billion-Dollar NSA Job" - all the eavesdropping means the data keeps piling up.

"Dubai police chief says Mossad behind death threats"

David Irving, the non-denier, is in Poland.

"Rewarding failure: A new low in Middle East diplomacy" - what a Jew-whipped President!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They like to tell us how humanitarian they are because their bombs are 'smart':
"Netezza apparently did a deal with the CIA to provide some TwinFin appliances with Geospatial, which could be used (allegedly, allegedly) to help predator drones pinpoint where to drop bombs to kill people. Only problem? Geospatial doesn't work on TwinFin, and Netezza didn't want to lose the sale. Apparently after some back and forth between Netezza and IISi, where Netezza revealed the client and the importance of this - and IISi pointing out that it just wasn't that easy to port the software and keep it accurate - IISi claims that Netezza went ahead and modified the software on its own - and the CIA used it, even though everyone admitted that it wasn't particularly accurate at times - sometimes being off by as much as 13 meters."
The Canadian courts have been busy:
  1. "Federal Court slams government interference in Galloway ban"
  2. "Prostitution laws struck down"
  3. "Bail granted to Ottawa man charged with terrorism offences"
"The Terror of H-A-L-A-K-H-A-H"  I wonder what the gentile Islamophobe protesters think about paying the 'Kosher tax'.

"Obama continues Bush policy promoting anti-democratic crackdown in the West Bank"

Obama uses 'state secrets' to prevent questioning of his assassination orders.  Since nobody is allowed to question 'state secrets', the use of the protection provided by 'state secrets' amounts to one-man rule, without even judicial checks.  An Obama pattern, following Bush.

Gaffney's expertise:  "I don't hold myself out as an expert on Sharia Law. But I have talked a lot about that as a threat."

The Jews of Israel are making so much money off stolen Palestinian land that they cannot afford peace.

For some inexplicable reason, Toronto appears headed to electing a moron right-winger as mayor, but at least he gives people a chance to make fun.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ZOG  A particularly egregious example, considering Bibi has just spit in Barry's face by refusing to consider extending the phony freeze even after Barry's abject begging.

Rahm is in place for the sole purpose of keeping Barry from being reelected. If Rahm is going, the Head Jew must have determined already that there is no danger of reelection.  The Jews don't like the schwartze, and have no qualms about letting him know it.

"‘A higher racism’: The new justifications for Islamophobia and pre-emptive violence"  It is amazing what obvious racism Anglo-Americans - well, actually, Anglo-American Jews - can get away with if they pretend to be conducting an academic analysis.  Of course, the history of American anti-black racism, and now anti-Hispanic racism, follows the same pattern, with the pure racism couched in gobbledygook 'scientific' terms (the Pioneer Fund has been at this for decades, and note the donations by the Colcom Foundation, founded by the evil Cordelia Scaife May).

"Zionist Neocon PNAC Prick Frank Gaffney Jr. Comes to Murfreesboro Attempting to Prop Up the Mosque Psyops" The ongoing well-funded (by Jewish Billionaires) promotion of Islamophobia by American Jews is amazingly stupid.

"23% of Israelis ready to leave Israel at any hint of problems?"  That is just the number who will admit to such race treason.  When the Lebanese rockets start landing, you'll be hard pressed to find anybody still there with an IQ over 90.

"Tension Between Museums and Nazi Spoliation Claimants"

Interview with William Gibson:
"Did terrorism find the right time to shine because it’s so easy to disseminate your international brand?
Everything about the world we live in today furthers dissemination of brands or any other sort of information. It’s a rich time. Forget terrorism, it’s the age of branding. I’m becoming increasingly unwilling to call it terrorism. It plays into a particularly ignorant sort of rhetoric that is very widespread. If the terrorist can get you to think about what he’s doing as terrorism, you’re already in his win position.

The rest of it’s about the psychology of lotteries. It’s extremely unlikely that either you or I will ever be directly injured by any sort of terrorist event. It’s just as unlikely that either of us will ever win the big lottery. Or even a medium-size lottery. People buy tickets because of some evolutionary quirk in our pattern recognition that causes us to go, “Oh, I could win. I could win that.” But in fact, you can’t. Somebody will, but you won’t. That’s how terrorism works.

But the lottery is about hope. Terrorism is about fear.

Terrorism is a hopeful thing if you’re a freedom fighter. Terrorists and freedom fighters are two sides of the same coin. The freedom fighter lives in hope that he will overthrow the vast injustice of whoever. The people who live in the vast injustice can, if they choose, live in fear that the terrorist will come and do something bad to them. I don’t know. People are such suckers for the most part. The terrorists are smarter, in a way. The terrorists are at least playing a game that makes sense and has various win positions. If they can make you frightened, they’ve won. If they can make you deform your society in ways that will decrease everyone’s pleasure in life, they’ve won."
Of course, it also helps that the government and the mainstream media also have an interest in promoting terrorism, and won't stop playing it up.

War on Frosting (via Jesus' General):  "Bigoted Indianapolis Bakery Won’t Make Rainbow Cupcakes, Citing ‘Values’"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

"The Rising Tide of Barbarism. Prospects for Socialism"

"Why is There No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days?"

"Auerback: Where is Huey Long When You Need Him?"

I don't see any chance of a real progressive uprising of any kind, at least in the old 'First World' countries.

"Is rising inequality in America exaggerated?"   As consumer goods manufactured in China are cheaper than those goods manufactured in the United States used to be, the poor are actually better off than it seems!

"Neil MacFarquhar: New York Times' correction"  The New York Times lying about a supposed enemy of the Chosen is normal and expected; correcting a blatant lie is very unusual.

The stuxnet story smells.  The target is Siemens equipment, which is used all over the world.  Of course, increasing paranoia will make research all that more expensive and slower in Iran.  And any attack which supports the myth of Jewish racial supremacism helps to deal with the fang-pain of being unable to nuke innocents in Iran.

"They just want their comics back!"  Teanuts follows the first Peanuts comic strip.  Speaking of Family Circus, Jersey Circus.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The inevitable

Zionist lawyers are now using grand juries to make anti-Zionism illegal in the United States.  They are clever enough to obscure the issue by including Colombia in the mix, but it is clear that the real target is groups committed to Palestinian rights.  The searches are harassment and intimidation in and of themselves, and will no doubt be used to gather information to issue indictments.

Grand juries are perfect mechanisms for Zionist lawyers.  They operate in secret, and are effectively under the complete control and direction of the prosecutors.  Coupled with the 'war on terror', the Zionist lawyers can manipulate grand juries to remove each and every activist and group committed to justice in the Middle East.  It is a tribute to the increasing influence of these activists that World Jewry has now ordered its American minions to conduct such an obvious attack.  Needless to say, there will be no real opposition.

The paradox of Jewish power

M. Shahid Alam spells it all out rather clearly in "Zionist Dialectics" (my emphasis in red; read the whole thing, especially the predictions of disaster for the West caused by its foolish support of the shitty little country):
"How did the Jewish colons in Palestine succeed in creating an exclusionary colonial settler state in the middle of the twentieth century, and continue to grow with support from a surrogate mother country, while the French colons in Algeria, the Italians in Libya or the British colons in Kenya had to give up their colonial projects?

The answer to this question is simple. The white colons in Algeria, Libya, or Kenya simply did not have enough influence over the mother country - over France, Italy, and Britain - to overrule what the elites in the mother country had decided was in their interest: to pull out of their colonies. The Jewish colons in Palestine had more power than the white colons in Algeria, Libya, and Kenya. Where did their power come from?

The success of Jewish colons in Palestine and the failure of the colons in Algeria, Libya, or Kenya is a paradox. The French, Italian, and British settlers had a natural mother country, a country of origin, with whose people they shared an ethnic bond. The Jewish colons in Palestine did not have a natural mother country, a powerful Jewish state to support their colonial project. Yet, their colonizing project succeeded, and they drove out the Palestinians to create a nearly pure Jewish state in Palestine. The Jewish colons did not pull off this feat on their own; they succeeded because of their ability to recruit the greatest Western powers, and many others besides, to support their colonial project. Somehow, the Zionists turned what could well have been a fatal deficiency for their colonial project - the absence of a natural mother country - into their greatest asset. They gained the freedom to pick and choose their mother country.

How did the Zionists bring this about? The Jews were not a majority in any country, but there existed a Jewish minority in nearly every Western country. In itself, the presence of Jewish minorities could not have been a source of strength; a weak Jewish minority in any country could do little to help their coreligionists in another country. What made the Jewish minorities different was that they carried a weight that far outweighed their numbers. Over the course of the nineteenth century, they had become an important, often vital, part of the financial, industrial, commercial, and intellectual elites in several of the most important Western countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States. Moreover, the most prominent members of these elites had cultivated ties with each other across national boundaries.

Once these Jewish elites, spread across the key Western countries, had decided to support the Zionist project, they would become a force in global politics. On the one hand, this would tempt the great powers to support Zionism, if this could buy them the help of the Jewish communities, based in a rival or friendly power, to push their host country in a desirable direction. Conversely, once the Zionists recognized this tendency, they too would seek to win support for their cause by offering the support of Jewish communities in key Western countries. It would be in their interest to exaggerate the results that Jewish communities in this or that country might be able to deliver. During periods of intense conflicts - such as World War I - when the fate of nations hung in the balance, the competition for Zionist support became more intense than ever. This placed the Zionists in a strong position to trade their favors for the commitment of the great powers to their goals. In September 1917, this competition persuaded Britain, at a difficult moment in the execution of its war, to throw its support behind the Zionist project.

The Zionists continue to market their colonial project as a haven for Jews, fleeing anti-Semitic persecution. This is misleading. Overwhelmingly, Jews fleeing persecution in Europe have stayed away from this ‘haven’ when alternatives were available. On the contrary, the Zionists were counting on support from the anti-Semites to propel their nationalist-cum-colonial project. They were counting on anti-Semitic persecution to send Jewish colons to Palestine; and they were counting on the European anti-Semite’s desire to be rid of Jews to recruit Western powers to support their colonial project in Palestine. Zionism was primarily a nationalist movement, whose origins predated the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the late nineteenth century. Even then, most Jews sought to combat anti-Semitism through assimilation, Jewish autonomism, and socialist revolutions. When forced to emigrate, they overwhelmingly preferred destinations outside Palestine. The fortunes of Zionism improved only when most Western countries closed their doors to Jewish immigrants. When these doors were closing in the early 1900s, it was little opposed by the Jewish diaspora, whose leadership now identified increasingly with Zionist goals. Little pressure too was applied to reopen these doors before the 1960s."
"The secret of Zionist success, then, lies in the manner in which it overcame the chief flaw in its design: it did not have a natural mother country to support its colonial project. By winning over the Jews in the Western diaspora, and galvanizing them to use their wealth, intellect, and activism to promote Zionist causes, the Zionists succeeded in substituting the West for the missing natural mother country. Over time, nearly every major Western country (including the Soviet Union) has offered critical help in the creation, survival and success of Israel. Most importantly, the two greatest Western powers, Britain and the United States, successively, have placed their military might squarely behind the Zionist project despite the damage that this inflicted on their vital interests in the Middle East."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some facts

It is to be expected that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the only guy with mysterious problems at the UN which prevented his speech from being translated.  They seem to have been able to translate only to the point to give the Americans an excuse to walk out.

Shades of Daniel "brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods" Pipes, "Ahmadinejad's food 'stinks up hotel'"

"Ahmadinejad and the 9/11 attacks"

Some facts:
  1. Bin Laden, on first being asked about the September 11 attacks, denied having had anything to do with them (subsequent rather obvious CIA bin Laden imposters have taken credit for the attacks).
  2. After months of waterboarding, the fellow the Americans like to call Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also took credit for the attacks (as has Zacarias Moussaoui, who has obviously been driven insane by American treatment of him).
  3. We know that many of the identities of the hijackers were stolen, because the people from whom the identities were stolen have complained about it.  Therefore, we have to assume that we do not know the identities of any of the 19 (originally 20) hijackers described by the FBI.  It follows that we do not know, and cannot know, the motivation of the hijackings, or who the hijackers were really working for.
On the basis of no evidence whatsoever (and I mean that literally, not that they needed any), the United States has entered on two massive Wars For The Jews which will end up costing trillions in borrowed money, wrecked its reputation in most of the world, started a hateful 'war on terror' which is just an excuse for Jew-promoted Islamophobia and has cost additional billions of dollars and hugely inconvenienced millions of Americans, and destroyed its once-admired record on protecting civil rights.

Based on solid evidence, and without creating any theories on how the buildings were attacked, I know that the American officials cannot know - at least on the basis of what they have told us - that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were behind the attacks.  Therefore, everything done on that assumption is nonsense, a political conspiracy against the World and the American people.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Julian Assange Persecution"

Much as I like Robert Parry [corrected], and despise most of the 'truthers', this paragraph by Perry is truly stupid and ill-informed (and completely unnecessary for the main part of his argument; my emphasis in red):
"To accomplish this feat, these activists, who became known as “9/11 truthers,” threw out all the evidence of al-Qaeda’s involvement, from contemporaneous calls from hijack victims on the planes to confessions from al-Qaeda leaders both in and out of captivity that they indeed had done it. The "truthers" then cherry-picked a few supposed “anomalies” to build an “inside-job” story line."
There remains no evidence of who conducted the attack, as anyone paying attention could tell you.

"The Terrorism Fraud"

"Mock All You Want, Republicans And Conservatives Take Witchcraft Seriously"

"Sandra Bullock Deciding If She Wants Another Oscar Nod"  And they say it is hard even to be nominated!

The Jews with bad eyesight take on the Jews with super-human eyesight.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"An open letter to Osama bin Laden"  By No-man Be-not-man.  If you look up Noman Benotman on the internet, you really have to wonder whether he is the creation of a Western intelligence agency (but the start was from Libyan intelligence).   "Bin Laden said to be mulling cease-fire"  See also "Advice to Dr Ayman Zawahiri".

"Each Story About Muslims Must Be 'Balanced' by a Story About 9-11"

"Money-Laundering Inquiry Touches Vatican Bank"

"Not Settling For Less"  Evil speaks.

Like the Kagan story - forcing a completely unqualified candidate onto the Supreme Court - the Marty Peretz honor at Harvard is purely an assertion of Jewish power.  The Jews are saying we can get anybody - even the worst bigot - honored at Harvard, and nobody can do anything about it.

"Cartoon draws ire of Jewish group"  Among their many other accomplishments, Jews have excellent eyesight:
"Long-time cartoonist Guy Badeaux, who signs his work under the alias Bado, said he never meant to offend anyone. He told CBC News that he never meant to draw a Star of David and was only trying to draw the clock in a simplified form.

The geometric pattern on the clock face includes lines that could make a Star of David."
The cartoon makes perfect sense without any Jewish angle, as the Canadian Parliament has just started a very contentious session.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The tribe known as the chutzpahites are offering the Americans three additional months of pretend settlement construction freeze in return for Pollard.  I think the Americans should respond by sending them half of Pollard for one and a half months.

"John Lennon Killer Also Considered Shooting Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor"  The usual flying all over the place - including a special trip down to Atlanta to get his bullets from a police officer - by a guy without money.

"Jay Knott – Faithful Circle – A response to Noam Chomsky's book 'Fateful Triangle'"  The Zionists in the comments aren't happy.

"Israel anger at Russian plan to sell Syria missiles"  You have to draw the conclusion that Israel won't try to attack Syria when it inevitably tries to steal land and water from Lebanon.

"New Tests Show Key Witnesses Lied at Abu Jamal Trial"

Jesus's General punks Counterpunch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Pope's visit: Six held by counter-terror police hours before historic address":
"Security sources described the arrests as 'precautionary' and Scotland Yard officers are understood to be bracing themselves for criticism if their suspicions are unfounded and the men are released." 
'The Minority Report' in action. 

"Six men held over plot to attack Pope are released without charge"  New crime - joking while Muslim.

It is funny how the elites steal all the money but even the best American writers can never see anything other than some kind of massive cultural flaw in everybody else (and a conspiracy by penniless monks).

"Why Do We Keep Indulging the Fiction That Banks Are Private Enterprises?"

"Some Killing More 'Moral' Than Other" - Zionist militias in Israel.

"Jewish rapid response teams coming to US?" - Zionist militias in the United States.

"Were the three Jewish US citizens spying?"

"israeli-linked organ dealers busted"

"Assange Beseiged"  "Assange Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied"  Prosecutorial malfeasance in Sweden.

"Saturday Silliness: History on Facebook"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sun's apology

The Sun's apology to George Soros.  Since Soros' reputation is easily worth more than the entire newspaper chain, and this suit is a slam-dunk win for him, he should insist that Sun Media permanently stop any and all plans to build a television station in Canada, and donate a sizable sum to Avvaz.

What I don't understand is how the paper let Ezra Levant get so out of control.  The connection between Soros and the campaign against right-wing television in Canada is so tenuous that Soros likely was unaware of the issue.  Yet Levant was allowed to go ape-shit wild on him. The editors at the Sun let Levant dig up the worst ultra-Zionist sources to slur Soros with the most twisted nonsense, drivel that has been previously debunked with ease.  All for nothing.  It is part of the current American right-wing politics of personal destruction through slurring - similar to swift-boating attacks against Al Gore and the current 'birther' attacks against Obama - techniques probably learned by Levant when he spent the summer of 1994 in Washington, D.C. in an internship arranged by the Charles G. Koch Foundation Summer Fellow Program.  Ironically, it is just this kind of government-by-scurrilous-slurring that Canadians are trying to stop by blocking Sun Media from building a Canadian version of Fox News.

Do the Koch brothers fund the Fraser Institute?  Yes.  Apparently, having Americans fund Canadian right-winger think tanks is OK, but a tiny amount of American funding of the campaign against Fox News North is not OK.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

There's too much to blog about, so I'll just clear out some of the underbrush.

Sen. Judd Gregg opposes the semi-appointment of Elizabeth Warren as he's terrified she might try to sneak in the promotion of social justice.

Mike Huckabee, pre-existing conditions, and burned-down houses.

"Atonement" "A Martin Peretz Apology" "Peretz Dossier"  "Martin Peretz on Muslims"  "UPDATE: HARVARD ADDRESSES PERETZ SHAME ++ Jeff Goldberg Defends Marty Peretz -- But Not That Bigot, Helen Thomas"

"Why Jeffrey Goldberg Sits With the Self-Styled “Friends of Israel”"

"House Republicans Pal Around with anti-Muslim, anti-Black racist David Yerushalmi"

 Daniel Pipes tries to keep up.

"Israel joins Russian ballet school"  Well, sort of:  "Russia to honor deal to sell P-800 anti-ship missiles to Syria"  Note that Russia will sell defensive weapons to Syria, where Russia has assets and interests to protect, but not to Iran, where it does not yet have assets to protect.  Iran, that's a hint.

"Israel OKs US ‘Gift’ of Billions of Dollars in Warplanes:  Despite US Paying for Them, Cost Sparked Debate Among Israeli Defense Officials"  My emphasis in red.  Despite having absolutely no need for them, Canada is spending billions to buy the same planes.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Right-Wing Fun in Canada

The right-wingers in Canada are trying to set up a Canadian equivalent of Fox News, a lying, ultra-right-wing propaganda machine to fuck up Canada just as Fox News has so thoroughly fucked up the United States.  George Soros very indirectly helped provide a small amount of the financing for the website/petition against the new network.  The backlash against the new network infuriated the 'wingers, and Ezra Levant attacked Soros in a column which has disappeared from the Sun websites, and from his own website, but has been cached by Google (if the cache link doesn't work, try 'Text-only version', or try it on Opera), allowing me to reprint it in case it disappears altogether:
"Moral hollowness at work

George Schwartz was born in Hungary in 1930 - not the luckiest time and place to be born a Jew.

George’s father Theodore tried to change the family’s fortunes by changing their name to something less Jewish-sounding. It didn’t help. And soon war came.

When the Nazis took total control of Hungary in 1944, the Holocaust followed. In two months, 440,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to death camps.

To survive, George, then a teenager, collaborated with the Nazis.

First he worked for the Judenrat. That was the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to do their dirty work for them. Instead of the Nazis rounding up Jews every day for the trains, they delegated that murderous task to Jews who were willing to do it to survive another day at the expense of their neighbours.

Theodore hatched a better plan for his son. He bribed a non-Jewish official at the agriculture ministry to let George live with him. George helped the official confiscate property from Jews.

By collaborating with the Nazis, George survived the Holocaust. He turned on other Jews to spare himself.

George moved to London after the war and then to New York, where he became a stockbroker. He’s rich now. Forbes magazine says he’s the 35th richest man in the world. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He goes by the name his father invented: George Soros.

How does Soros feel about what he did as a teenager? Has it kept him up at night?

Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes asked him that. Was it difficult? “Not at all,” Soros answered.

“No feeling of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” said Soros. “There was no sense that I shouldn’t be there. If I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. Whether I was there or not. So I had no sense of guilt.”

A Nazi would steal the Jews’ property anyways. So why not him?

That moral hollowness has shaped Soros’ life. He’s a rabid critic of capitalism, but in 1992 when he saw a chance, he speculated against the British pound, causing it to crash, devastating retirement savings for millions of Britons. Soros pocketed $1.1 billion for himself. If he didn’t do it, someone else would, right?

In 2002, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France, and fined millions of dollars. He admitted buying the shares, but denied it was a crime.

Last year, when he made $3.3 billion off the banking collapse, he called the world’s financial crisis “the culmination of my life’s work.”

This is a man who boasted he offered to help his mother commit suicide. Apparently he didn’t see enough death in Hungary.

Soros is a sociopath. But he’s a sociopath with $14 billion, and he likes to spend it on politics.

Sometimes his gifts are large, like the $24 million he spent in 2004, trying to defeat George W. Bush. Sometimes they’re small, like $20,000 to a woman convicted of helping terrorists.

Now Soros has turned his attention to Canada.

One of his front groups, called Avaaz, is lobbying to stop Sun Media’s license for a TV news channel. Soros doesn’t know anything about Canada — Avaaz called the Sun newspapers the “Suncor newspapers” — but we’re his latest toy.

Avaaz is sending a petition to Canada’s TV regulator, the CRTC, claiming that thousands of Canadians want to censor the Sun and keep it off the air.

The petition is a fraud — it’s an Internet petition, and anyone can sign anyone else up without their permission. Fake names are permitted, and so are foreign citizens. And the whole campaign is run out of New York.

Do you think Soros should determine what you can watch on TV? Do you think that decision should be made in New York? Is our freedom of speech just another trinket for him to buy and sell?

Hasn’t Soros silenced enough voices in his life?

Fight back.

The Soros-as-Nazi stuff comes from the usual suspects, guys like Marty Peretz and David Horowitz, and has been thoroughly debunked.  Soros is now threatening to sue, hence the disappearing column.

Things aren't going well for the fruitcakes, and they were caught in a dirty trick trying to undermine the credibility of the petition, resulting in the resignation of their main spokesmodel, a chap named Kory Teneycke.  Teneycke is said not to be quite as stupid as he pretends to be, but did write an editorial, published the day after the petition was manipulated by the as yet unknown dirty trickster, in which he dismissed Avaaz as 'professional Yankee agitators,' and noted that the petition had been signed by some of the very names just added by the trickster!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Odd day

"'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Cartoonist Goes Into Hiding"  The timing - in the middle of an Islamphobia campaign - is interesting.

"Pedobear Panic Hits Tulsa, Oklahoma"

"The New Pornographers Forced to Cancel Show Owing to Nonexistent Connection to Pornography"

"A note of apology to readers"

"Have a very Merry Christmas and may you never have to buy another flashlight."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Were the three Jewish US citizens spying?" - the wider media manipulation issue.

"All the disadvantages required for success!" - handy guide to the Jewish billionaires, for when we need to start collecting reparations from them for all the damage done (including the current Islamophobia campaign which will surely backfire).

British intelligence continues to come up with wilder and wilder theories to disguise the truth of the assassination of Gareth Williams.

"`Deeply embarrassed' Pa. governor stops spying on peaceful protesters, by Israeli outfit...."  Our governments pay the Jews to gather the information they then use to blackmail our politicians.

"Tony Blair and the Great Islamic Threat" - Dyer is right as far as he goes but looks stupid by missing the Zionist elephant in the room.

The Jews who murdered Hariri are getting a bit antsy about the fact that the Lebanese are about to allow the truth to come out, so send a warning (one of the principle functions of Ha'aretz is to send warnings).

"Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia"  I know people will complain about the source.

"Nixon plot against newspaper columnist detailed"  Rather hip first paragraph:
"Nearly 40 years before the Obama White House denounced the WikiLeaks website for publishing classified documents, another president, Richard Nixon, was even more obsessed with the same phenomenon."

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Good Margolis on 9/11 though I don't know why he is skeptical about everything but accepts as a given that we know who the hijackers were and where they came from.

The seed funding for the Islamic cultural center that Rupert Murdoch decided to use to stir up Islamophobia came mainly from R. Leslie Deak, connected to both the CIA and the whole Military-Industrial Complex.  Ames previously wrote about the wild murder of Deak's dad, Nicholas Deak, OSS/CIA agent and drug money launderer through his company Deak-Perera (Nicholas was offed by a 'lone nut' who was homeless but always had lots of money and who was a crack shot). The Goldline operation famously promoted by Murdoch employee and Islamophobe Glenn Beck arose out of the ashes of the Deak operations.  By the way, Deak claims to have been raised in a Christian home (who wants to bet that the family, coming from Hungary, is crypto-Jew?), 'converted' to become an Orthodox Jew, and has now 'converted' again to Islam!!!  Way too many coincidences/connections here to believe that the funding followed by the Murdoch shenanigans is any kind of an accident.  Of course, the people promoting the cultural center, or at least most of them, are probably completely unaware of this operation.  Who would question a charitable donation from a recent convert to Islam?

The people who are behind this kind of intelligence/spin operation, whether it be the 'Ground Zero mosque' or the September 11 attack, come from this intelligence/military/finance background, and have access to the media to completely control the spin.  Note that Deak appears to have a degree of separation from direct involvement in the government, one of the characteristics of post-Iran-Contra operations.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

China and India are making out like bandits in Iran without any competition from those compelled to follow the Boycott For The Jews.

The excuse of the Koran burner is that he is mentally ill.  I guess his congregation's excuse is that they are from Florida.  Rupert Murdoch, who is closer to being the head of an organized crime gang than a businessman, is the guy behind making this nonsense into a big deal.

Mr. Fish, right on as always.

"Live from Insane Clown Posse's Gathering of the Juggalos"  This is supposed to be the standard hipster-making-fun-of-the-hillbillies article, but I think you have to admire the Juggalos.  They are faced with hopeless lives, but refuse to turn to the usual racism/fascism so beloved of the American heartland.

The Koch brothers ♥ formaldehyde.

"More Poverty = More Religion"  The United States will become less of an outlier as it inevitably becomes poorer.

I think we'll have to class TBR News/The Voice of the White House along with Sorcha Faal and anything in DEBKAfile - hopeless hoaxster nonsense.

Inevitable, I suppose:  it appears the Jews sold parts of Rachel Corrie.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What have the Jews promised Fidel?

Fidel starts musing, out of the blue, about an attack on Iran.  He has good intelligence, so we know his 'Iran talk' was bullshit.  Then he agrees to an interview with none other than the concentration camp guard, who we know, from the recent Hitchens interview, is the world's worst interviewer, besides knowing fuck all about anything other than ultra-Zionism:
"Perhaps most interesting are the pictures of Jeffrey Goldberg - yes, that Jeffrey Goldberg -- accompanying the old revolutionary on various stops throughout Cuba. How Goldberg - rather than, you know, a journalist with a background in Cuban affairs - came to be side-by-side with Castro is a total mystery."
The interview turns out to be about the evils of anti-Semitism (the concentration camp guard is even taking credit for the elimination of anti-Semitism in Venezuela as a result of the magical words of Fidel!!!), particularly by President Ahmadinejad.  Wtf???  Not to mention photo-ops with the Jews!  Castro also throws in a bit of self-criticism of the 'Cuban model' directed to the concentration camp guard and his handler from the Council on Foreign Relations (to rub it in, the 'Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director for Latin America Studies'!).  Wtf???

Quick answer to the mystery.  Fidel is getting old and wants to see the crippling American blockade lifted before he dies.  Fidel knows who runs the United States.  The Head Jew has promised to tell Rahm to tell Barry to tell the State Department do something about it, and all Fidel has to do is say some nice things about Jews, some un-nice things about the mythical Iranian 'anti-Semitism', and display a bit of self-doubt about the 'Cuban model'.  He loves his country so much he is even willing to suffer the indignity of being interviewed by the concentration camp guard in order to try to improve relations with the Americans.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curious false-flag story (scroll down) ascribed to 'Dr. Phillip L. Kushner', but Kushner denies having had anything to do with it (scroll down here for another example of a piece ascribed to Kushner, even more unlikely).  I have no idea what's going on, but "The Voice of the White House" has been investigated and is probably a spoof by the American extreme right.  The Hezbollah story makes no sense, as Hezbollah is too smart to be fooled into such an operation.

"Foreign report: Israel has one of world's largest 'eavesdropping' intel bases"  This isn't a secret, so the point becomes the timing of the 'revelation'.

"Eyewitness to the Nakba"  There must be hundreds of Jewish witnesses left.

"Our Long National Nightmare Isn't Over ... It's Just Beginning" - good rant.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Chris Hedges on the Collapse of American Liberalism" - worth watching both parts.

"Lebanon PM retracts Syria charge:  Saad al-Hariri says his previous claim that Damascus was behind his father's assassination was politically motivated" "LEBANON: Supporters stunned as Hariri says Syria didn't kill his dad"  Syria has really come up in the world.

"IDF document: “policy principle: separating Gaza from West Bank”"  The Jews have about a million completely illegal plans to deal with the 'demographic problem' which will be caused by 'one state'.  They've done the math, and determined that Jews will still be in a majority if they can just slough off those Palestinians living in Gaza.

Parting shot? - "What America Has Lost:  It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11."

More Kevin MacDonald on Solzhenitsyn on the Jews:
"Jews sincerely believed that they had no ethnic identity even though it was apparent to everyone else. The general point is that Jewish ethnocentrism creates a blindness to things that are completely obvious to neutral observers."
"The Truth About John Lennon’s Murder" - worth thinking about in the context of the Michael Jackson murder.

"Superplagiarist Gerald Posner Sued by Plagiarism Victim" Plaintiff - or his lawyer - has a sense of humor.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond"

Very, very very unusual:  "Paul Begala Calls Out Ari Fleischer for the Lies He Told That Got Us Into Iraq"

"Israeli spies wooing U.S. Muslims, sources say":
"The CIA took an internal poll not long ago about friendly foreign intelligence agencies.

The question, mostly directed to employees of the clandestine service branch, was: Which are the best allies among friendly spy services, in terms of liaison with the CIA, and which are the worst? In other words, who acts like, well, friends?

“Israel came in dead last,” a recently retired CIA official told me the other day.

Not only that, he added, throwing up his hands and rising from his chair, “the Israelis are number three, with China number one and Russia number two,” in terms of how aggressive they are in their operations on U.S. soil."

. . . a retired senior FBI counterintelligence official told SpyTalk, "They have always been extremely aggressive, and seem to feel they can operate whenever and wherever they want, in spite of being called on the carpet more than any other country by probably a factor of three times as often."

"Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin’s admission: Israel “expelled Arabs” across Palestine in 1948" - interesting argument:  Jews don't have the right to criticize other Jews for the land theft that is the settler movement because of all the land theft committed by Jews in 1948.

It is abundantly clear that the current spate of organized American Islamophobia is being funded by American Jewish Billionaires.

"It's not news that Simon Wiesenthal worked for Mossad"

"LA: Israeli charged with human-trafficking"

"Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed"

"Assange Is no Rapist - He Has Other Problems"  This is almost certainly a U. S. intelligence dirty trick.

"5 Jaw-Dropping Stories in Wikileaks' Archives Begging for National Attention"  The cluelessness of American military and intelligence 'experts' is what strikes me.

I forgot to mention that the fifth comment to the story of the assassinated Russian general links his death to the death of Alexander Pikayev:
"Alexander Pikayev, who died in June, is now being looked at as a possible homicide victim. He was a top Russian nuclear expert who encouraged dialogue with Iran, and some sites are speculating Israelis killed him because of his tolerance of Iran."
Incandescent (the truth is red)?:
"A top European official was accused of antisemitism tonight after declaring that there was little point in engaging in rational argument with Jews and suggesting that the latest Middle East peace talks were doomed because of the power of the Jewish lobby in Washington.

Karel De Gucht, the European commissioner for trade, and a former Belgian foreign minister, sparked outrage after voicing his scepticism about the prospects for the negotiations which opened in the US this week. He told a Belgian radio station that most Jews always believed they were right, and questioned the point of talking to them about the Middle East.

De Gucht, who negotiates for Europe on trade with the rest of the world, and is one of the most powerful officials in Brussels, was forced today to issue a statement declaring that the views he expressed were personal.

"Don't underestimate the opinion … of the average Jew outside Israel," he told the radio station. "There is indeed a belief – it's difficult to describe it otherwise – among most Jews that they are right. And a belief is something that's difficult to counter with rational arguments. And it's not so much whether these are religious Jews or not. Lay Jews also share the same belief that they are right. So it is not easy to have, even with moderate Jews, a rational discussion about what is actually happening in the Middle East."

Explaining why he thought the peace talks were probably doomed, he added: "Do not underestimate the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill. That is the best organised lobby, you shouldn't underestimate the grip it has on American politics – no matter whether it's Republicans or Democrats."

Jewish leaders were incandescent."
"Cenk: The Political Line Has Moved so Far Right Reagan Couldn't Run as a Republican"  Richard Nixon might as well be Karl Marx.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The ongoing attack on WikiLeaks

Good comment from Emmy.  I should add the context that WiliLeaks is in the middle of permanently establishing itself in Sweden, largely due to the fact that Sweden is one of the few countries to provide legal protection to whistleblowers.  "Mr. Assange also said that he had applied for a permit to live and work in Sweden just days before the accusations against him were made, and leaked to Expressen, and he was concerned that the case might damage his chances of moving to the country to take advantage of its laws protecting members of the press."

The Americans are using the Swedish government to make it appear that Assange is some kind of serial rapist, thus making his move to Sweden, and the establishment of WikiLeaks in Sweden, impossible.  The Swedes aren't hiding their corruption very well, and one would hope that this American intelligence manipulation of the Swedish legal system would become a political issue in Sweden.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The spy-in-a-bag started out as mysterious, then became a vital cog in the 'war on terror', and then turned into just another geigh.  The rather obvious attempt at diversion didn't go over well.

"Russian General goes missing in Syria, turns up dead in Turkey"

"Prosecutor reopens rape probe against WikiLeaks founder" - reopening what they previously said was a mistake, based on a re-complaint by a woman who was previously reported to be upset at the rape charge.  The check from the CIA must have cleared.  "Sweden Decision and Law on the Assange Probe"

MS St. Louis monument. Appropriately shaped like a huge coin.

I'm liking the Louie show.