Saturday, September 04, 2010

The ongoing attack on WikiLeaks

Good comment from Emmy.  I should add the context that WiliLeaks is in the middle of permanently establishing itself in Sweden, largely due to the fact that Sweden is one of the few countries to provide legal protection to whistleblowers.  "Mr. Assange also said that he had applied for a permit to live and work in Sweden just days before the accusations against him were made, and leaked to Expressen, and he was concerned that the case might damage his chances of moving to the country to take advantage of its laws protecting members of the press."

The Americans are using the Swedish government to make it appear that Assange is some kind of serial rapist, thus making his move to Sweden, and the establishment of WikiLeaks in Sweden, impossible.  The Swedes aren't hiding their corruption very well, and one would hope that this American intelligence manipulation of the Swedish legal system would become a political issue in Sweden.
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