Sunday, September 12, 2010


Good Margolis on 9/11 though I don't know why he is skeptical about everything but accepts as a given that we know who the hijackers were and where they came from.

The seed funding for the Islamic cultural center that Rupert Murdoch decided to use to stir up Islamophobia came mainly from R. Leslie Deak, connected to both the CIA and the whole Military-Industrial Complex.  Ames previously wrote about the wild murder of Deak's dad, Nicholas Deak, OSS/CIA agent and drug money launderer through his company Deak-Perera (Nicholas was offed by a 'lone nut' who was homeless but always had lots of money and who was a crack shot). The Goldline operation famously promoted by Murdoch employee and Islamophobe Glenn Beck arose out of the ashes of the Deak operations.  By the way, Deak claims to have been raised in a Christian home (who wants to bet that the family, coming from Hungary, is crypto-Jew?), 'converted' to become an Orthodox Jew, and has now 'converted' again to Islam!!!  Way too many coincidences/connections here to believe that the funding followed by the Murdoch shenanigans is any kind of an accident.  Of course, the people promoting the cultural center, or at least most of them, are probably completely unaware of this operation.  Who would question a charitable donation from a recent convert to Islam?

The people who are behind this kind of intelligence/spin operation, whether it be the 'Ground Zero mosque' or the September 11 attack, come from this intelligence/military/finance background, and have access to the media to completely control the spin.  Note that Deak appears to have a degree of separation from direct involvement in the government, one of the characteristics of post-Iran-Contra operations.
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