Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sun's apology

The Sun's apology to George Soros.  Since Soros' reputation is easily worth more than the entire newspaper chain, and this suit is a slam-dunk win for him, he should insist that Sun Media permanently stop any and all plans to build a television station in Canada, and donate a sizable sum to Avvaz.

What I don't understand is how the paper let Ezra Levant get so out of control.  The connection between Soros and the campaign against right-wing television in Canada is so tenuous that Soros likely was unaware of the issue.  Yet Levant was allowed to go ape-shit wild on him. The editors at the Sun let Levant dig up the worst ultra-Zionist sources to slur Soros with the most twisted nonsense, drivel that has been previously debunked with ease.  All for nothing.  It is part of the current American right-wing politics of personal destruction through slurring - similar to swift-boating attacks against Al Gore and the current 'birther' attacks against Obama - techniques probably learned by Levant when he spent the summer of 1994 in Washington, D.C. in an internship arranged by the Charles G. Koch Foundation Summer Fellow Program.  Ironically, it is just this kind of government-by-scurrilous-slurring that Canadians are trying to stop by blocking Sun Media from building a Canadian version of Fox News.

Do the Koch brothers fund the Fraser Institute?  Yes.  Apparently, having Americans fund Canadian right-winger think tanks is OK, but a tiny amount of American funding of the campaign against Fox News North is not OK.
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