Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Julian Assange Persecution"

Much as I like Robert Parry [corrected], and despise most of the 'truthers', this paragraph by Perry is truly stupid and ill-informed (and completely unnecessary for the main part of his argument; my emphasis in red):
"To accomplish this feat, these activists, who became known as “9/11 truthers,” threw out all the evidence of al-Qaeda’s involvement, from contemporaneous calls from hijack victims on the planes to confessions from al-Qaeda leaders both in and out of captivity that they indeed had done it. The "truthers" then cherry-picked a few supposed “anomalies” to build an “inside-job” story line."
There remains no evidence of who conducted the attack, as anyone paying attention could tell you.

"The Terrorism Fraud"

"Mock All You Want, Republicans And Conservatives Take Witchcraft Seriously"

"Sandra Bullock Deciding If She Wants Another Oscar Nod"  And they say it is hard even to be nominated!

The Jews with bad eyesight take on the Jews with super-human eyesight.
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