Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The tribe known as the chutzpahites are offering the Americans three additional months of pretend settlement construction freeze in return for Pollard.  I think the Americans should respond by sending them half of Pollard for one and a half months.

"John Lennon Killer Also Considered Shooting Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor"  The usual flying all over the place - including a special trip down to Atlanta to get his bullets from a police officer - by a guy without money.

"Jay Knott – Faithful Circle – A response to Noam Chomsky's book 'Fateful Triangle'"  The Zionists in the comments aren't happy.

"Israel anger at Russian plan to sell Syria missiles"  You have to draw the conclusion that Israel won't try to attack Syria when it inevitably tries to steal land and water from Lebanon.

"New Tests Show Key Witnesses Lied at Abu Jamal Trial"

Jesus's General punks Counterpunch.
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