Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Were the three Jewish US citizens spying?" - the wider media manipulation issue.

"All the disadvantages required for success!" - handy guide to the Jewish billionaires, for when we need to start collecting reparations from them for all the damage done (including the current Islamophobia campaign which will surely backfire).

British intelligence continues to come up with wilder and wilder theories to disguise the truth of the assassination of Gareth Williams.

"`Deeply embarrassed' Pa. governor stops spying on peaceful protesters, by Israeli outfit...."  Our governments pay the Jews to gather the information they then use to blackmail our politicians.

"Tony Blair and the Great Islamic Threat" - Dyer is right as far as he goes but looks stupid by missing the Zionist elephant in the room.

The Jews who murdered Hariri are getting a bit antsy about the fact that the Lebanese are about to allow the truth to come out, so send a warning (one of the principle functions of Ha'aretz is to send warnings).

"Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia"  I know people will complain about the source.

"Nixon plot against newspaper columnist detailed"  Rather hip first paragraph:
"Nearly 40 years before the Obama White House denounced the WikiLeaks website for publishing classified documents, another president, Richard Nixon, was even more obsessed with the same phenomenon."
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