Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They like to tell us how humanitarian they are because their bombs are 'smart':
"Netezza apparently did a deal with the CIA to provide some TwinFin appliances with Geospatial, which could be used (allegedly, allegedly) to help predator drones pinpoint where to drop bombs to kill people. Only problem? Geospatial doesn't work on TwinFin, and Netezza didn't want to lose the sale. Apparently after some back and forth between Netezza and IISi, where Netezza revealed the client and the importance of this - and IISi pointing out that it just wasn't that easy to port the software and keep it accurate - IISi claims that Netezza went ahead and modified the software on its own - and the CIA used it, even though everyone admitted that it wasn't particularly accurate at times - sometimes being off by as much as 13 meters."
The Canadian courts have been busy:
  1. "Federal Court slams government interference in Galloway ban"
  2. "Prostitution laws struck down"
  3. "Bail granted to Ottawa man charged with terrorism offences"
"The Terror of H-A-L-A-K-H-A-H"  I wonder what the gentile Islamophobe protesters think about paying the 'Kosher tax'.

"Obama continues Bush policy promoting anti-democratic crackdown in the West Bank"

Obama uses 'state secrets' to prevent questioning of his assassination orders.  Since nobody is allowed to question 'state secrets', the use of the protection provided by 'state secrets' amounts to one-man rule, without even judicial checks.  An Obama pattern, following Bush.

Gaffney's expertise:  "I don't hold myself out as an expert on Sharia Law. But I have talked a lot about that as a threat."

The Jews of Israel are making so much money off stolen Palestinian land that they cannot afford peace.

For some inexplicable reason, Toronto appears headed to electing a moron right-winger as mayor, but at least he gives people a chance to make fun.
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