Monday, October 25, 2010

Failed attempts at obfuscation

Good Raimondo:
"Although I should have expected it, it never ceases to amaze me how relentless the smear campaign against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, has been: and if anything it has intensified since the release of the latest war logs. The coverage in the New York Times and the Washington Post puts just as much if not more emphasis on the trumped-up allegations against Assange as on the actual content of the released materials. Assange, to his credit, simply walked out of a CNN interview in the course of which the “reporter” insisted on discussing his personal life – rather than the fact that the equivalent of a mass grave of 15,000 bodies had just been uncovered. CNN has a history of cooperating with US government agencies: during the Kosovo war, CNN played host to the Fourth Psychological Operations Group, which was “training.” No doubt they are back for a reunion.

What should not and must not be forgotten is the person who gave us access to these horrific secrets: Pfc. Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old intelligence officer who is suspected of handing over the logs to WikiLeaks. He, along with Assange, is being vilified and smeared in the media: under arrest, in solitary confinement, and subject to “military justice,” he can’t speak for himself. It is up to us – to all who believe that we have the right to know what our government is doing in our name and with our tax dollars – to speak up on his behalf.

Free Bradley Manning!"
One of the advantages of such a truth leak is that it lets you see who the bad guys are. The Jews, who don't like to see the Wars For The Jews besmirched as they have more planned, the mainstream media, which works for the Jewish imperial interests (which in turn depends on Wars For The Jews, and lots of them), the American imperialists, who don't like to have the United States displayed as the monster that it is,and the warmongers, who disapprove of depicting war as anything other than some kind of humanitarian mission, are all very upset, and can't hide their displeasure.

Note the comments to the snarky Gawker report on the Assange walkout.  The average moral and decent person understands what is going on ("The biggest military leak in the history of the WORLD and all they care about are tabloid rumors"), even if the media can't stop lying and misleading.

"Wikileaks: UN calls for US to investigate torture claims revealed in leaked reports"  The mainstream American media has already buried the WikiLeaks leak (somewhere, a celebutard broke the hell on her shoe), but the story is not yet over (in particular, the British seem to be taking the repercussions far more seriously).

Cryptome remains jealous.  You have to remember that all these leaks, including the sainted Pentagon Papers, require assistance from those in power at some fairly high point on the totem pole.  The low-level leakers, if caught, will never reveal the names of the higher-ups.
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