Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Moves to free convicted spy Pollard pick up in U.S. and Israel":
""Pollard is not different from any other one of our soldiers," said Uri Ariel, a right-wing legislator who leads the parliamentary group lobbying for Pollard's release. "We don't neglect soldiers anywhere, not in this field either.""
"Peres asks Georgia president to help friend nabbed in bribe case" (this case)

"Doxer case: Boston spy yarn with an unhappy ending"  Note the cover story to protect the shitty little country.

Speaking of Akamai, a note for those who think Danny Lewin hijacked Flight 11:  why would World Jewry sacrifice such an important player when any thug would do?  It makes no sense.

"Should Physicians be Activists?"  A very unusual kind of doctor.

Is Thatcher dead yet?  Plan your celebration now.
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