Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Israel and Monty Python's Dead Parrot" by Yvonne Ridley:
"The moral of this tale is simple: nothing lasts forever; empires and emperors come and go; borders disappear and expand; and so will arrogant, vicious little Israel. Not even the size of an African game reserve it is already experiencing the first stages of its death throes. The Zionist State is a failed project with very high maintenance costs and a simply unsustainable future.

Conversely, no matter what wars and natural disasters engulf the region, or borders change, or countries appear and disappear, the Arab world will always be there.

In terms of history, seven decades – the blood-soaked lifespan of the Zionist state of Israel – barely registers as a blip on the Arab world’s timeline. The author of its own misfortune, this pox on the region’s landscape will disappear. History tells us that. The Zionist State’s demise is inevitable."
"Three Years on, Smuggled Torah from Iraq Still in Maryland Synagogue?" It appears to have been stolen from Iraq by the thieves of the 82nd Airborne Division:
"Obviously like much else in the trade in illicitly-obtained artefacts, hopeful silence and not-asking-any-questions are the preferred tactics to avoid uncomfortable admissions.

Of course claiming "rights" to it as "Jewish heritage" is a prime example of cultural nationalism . . . "
"America's Third World Economy":
"The wage and salary cost savings obtained by giving Americans’ jobs to Chinese and Indians have enriched corporate CEOs, shareholders, and Wall Street at the expense of the middle class and America’s consumer economy.

The loss of middle class jobs and incomes was covered up for years by the expansion of consumer debt to substitute for the lack of income growth. Americans refinanced their homes and spent the equity, and they maxed out their credit cards.

Consumer debt expansion has run its course, and there is no possibility of continuing to drive the economy with additions to consumer debt.

Economists and policymakers continue to ignore the fact that all employment in tradable goods and services can be moved offshore (or filled by foreigners brought in on H-1b and L-1 visas). The only replacement jobs are in nontradable domestic services, that is, those jobs that require “hands-on” activity, such as ambulatory health services, barbers, cleaning services, waitresses and bartenders--jobs that describe the labor force of a third world country. Even many of these jobs are now filed with foreigners brought in on R-1 type visas from Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Romania, and elsewhere.

The loss of American jobs and the compression of consumer income by low wages has removed consumer demand as the driving force of the economy. This is the reason expansionary monetary and fiscal policies are having no effect."
"Anti-'Ground Zero Mosque' Fox Reporter Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Minor"

"'Disgusting' sculpture stays on show in Milan"  There's a style of political - but sometimes wryly tongue-in-cheek - European political sculpture.  Cattelan. Cattelan. CattelanMerino. Merino.  Feiler and Sköld-Feiler.

The Office for Judicial Complaints helpfully explained that the reason a moral and decent person ended up judging a political lynching case was a scheduling problem.  Presumably it won't happen again.
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