Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The problem of protesting too much and proving the point

The concentration camp guard weighs in on the Sanchez truth, referring to a Slate article which, if you read the whole thing, actually conclusively proves that Sanchez was right.

Note the comment in Slate by Trevor Bennett:
"So, several chairmen of the largest media conglomerates, to whom the news heads report, and the movie studios, and the current owner of the LA Times and the controlling family of the New York Times for over a hundred years are Jewish. How can one come to the conclusion, then, that Jews are not represented at the top of media in greater numbers than the general population? About half of these leaders, compared to 2% of the population are Jews."
Also note the horrible error in this comment:
"The fact that Jews are over-represented in media businesses is only a problem that should cause resentment if they use that representation in some nefarious way--which I see no evidence of. "
In a nutshell, the brainlessness of this comment is why the United States is fucked.  Until Americans all realize that they have been tricked, and are being tricked, in a massive journalistic conspiracy for Jewish imperial ends, the collapse of the United States is going to continue and accelerate.  You can, and will, call me names for pointing this out, and all I can do is laugh, watch America circle the drain, and watch history prove me right.
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