Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"More on the media's Pentagon-subservient WikiLeaks coverage" (removing the 'borderline' from 'borderline-sociopath'!):
"Apparently, many people become quite angry when the newspaper which did more to enable the attack on Iraq than any other media outlet in the world covered one of the most significant war leaks in American history - documents detailing the deaths of more than 100,000 human beings in that war and the heinous abuse of thousands of others - by assigning its most celebrated war correspondent and London Bureau Chief to studiously examine and malign the totally irrelevant personality quirks, alleged mental health, and various personal relationships of Julian Assange.  Imagine that."
Actually, putting Assange front and center is a brilliant move by WikiLeaks. He becomes the issue, and the assassination target (should the CIA want to make WikiLeaks really, really big), while the process of gathering and processing leaks carries on behind the scenes in relative peace and quiet. The Jew-controlled mainstream media has taken the bait and made fools of themselves again.

"After Wikileaks What Next"  Much more helpful.

"Did the FBI cook up a fake bomb plot?"  Ha!

"Meltdown of the Macher: Abe Foxman loses it, calls Israeli interviewer a bigot and condemns the Seinfeld “Soup Nazi”"

"MI6 spy Gareth Williams had 'no traces of foreign substances' in his body which was found zipped in a sportsbag"
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