Monday, December 27, 2010

The bad collaborators

Around 16 minutes into the Frost interview Assange starts to consider to conspiratorial elements of the Swedish attack on him, including the role of mega-weirdo Claes Borgström, heavily connected in Swedish politics - a prominent Social Democrat - and big business, in making a rape case out of facts already completely dismissed by a senior Swedish prosecutor (Borgström seems to have made a career out of using his bizarre ultra-feminism as a cover for looking out for Establishment interests).  Assange briefly mentions the cynical political manipulation by the Swedish Social Democrats concerning a faked promise to withdraw from Afghanistan, something I haven't yet seen in released cables, although American control of Swedish political decision-making has leaked (as has the writing [original] of Swedish intellectual property legislation to benefit American corporations, the unconstitutional and secret sharing of information on Swedish citizens with the Americans, and the fact that Sweden, proudly independent, is a de facto member of NATO, not to mention a complete American lapdog).

Also curious is the fact that the recent 'terrorist' attack in Sweden, one of which the authorities had foreknowledge (but, as always, failed to mention it to anybody who might have been hurt), conveniently occurred during the debate over continued Swedish participation in the War For The Jews in Afghanistan, with the reported concern of the bomber over the Swedish presence in Afghanistan aiding the final decision to stay (rubber-stamping a previously concocted political backroom deal).  This is one of the clearest examples of the cynical manipulation of the populace by 'terrorism' since the Anthrax attacks during the American debate on the Patriot Act.

Note also the peculiar role of a Guardian writer who hates Wikileaks in the illegal release of info on Assange obviously intended to bolster their cruddy case against Assange.  People who can't distinguish an attack on an individual by a Superpower (and its collaborators), from the legal release of information by a publisher, find Assange's anger at this smearing 'ironic'.

Bruce Sterling on Assange is worth reading but it isn't anything near as good as it ought to be.

"People OK with murdering Assange" (click on the square in the middle to bring up a new one).
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