Thursday, December 16, 2010

The bitter pill

How does a British judge say, in the most polite way possible, 'Fuck you, Sweden'?:
"The history of the way it [the case] has been dealt with by the Swedish prosecutors would give Mr Assange some basis that he might be acquitted following a trial."
It now appears that the latest outrage, the appeal of bail, may be the work of British prosecutors and not the fucking Swedes, although it is probably more accurate to see it all as part of a world-wide conspiracy of craven American lackeys.

Gary Sick (who, of course, lost all credibility with his participation in the American attack on the recent Iranian elections):
"One of the many ironies of the WikiLeaks saga seems to be the inadvertent confirmation that the United States is truly the indispensable nation. It is the political refuge of last resort. It is the ultimate truth-teller. Its political clout reverberates in the politics of its host nations. And all of this just at the moment when Americans are being told by their own pundits that their day of imperial dominance is over. Apparently not quite yet.
What a bitter pill for Mr. Assange."
Of course, part of this is true. It is indeed remarkable how each county defers to American power.  Satraps prostrating themselves before the Caliph.  Each of them acting without knowledge of how silly it looks, especially when seen in the whole range of cables.  That's why the State Department is so freaked out.  American power depends entirely on everybody believing in American power.  Once the silliness is revealed, much of the power disappears.  Those same lackeys will be terrified that their attitude towards the Americans will come back to haunt them.  The era of embarrassing fealty to the American Empire is ending, and Wikileaks can take some credit for that.  There is a bitter pill, but it is not for Mr. Assange.
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