Monday, December 13, 2010

The leaking continues

OpenLeaks, the 'competitor' to Wikileaks:
"Even though the name of the new organization is called ‘Open’ Leaks, they will be far from as “open” as WikiLeaks ever was. The plan is to allow for leaked documents to be submitted. However, these documents will not be published to the public. Instead they will be distributed to other news agencies and outlets for them to decide what is appropriate, legal, and constitutional to publish."
This looks like an intelligence operation. Wikileaks has the correct model; OpenLeaks is a dangerous step towards loss of openness and secret control of information, what Wikileaks is trying to break down.  John Young has it backwards - the 'competitors' are more likely to be corrupt.  The way intelligence operations will deal with Wikileaks is to flood the internet with disinformation.

Yet more crap from Global Research.  They do want to close off the internet - and intended to long before Wikileaks, for both financial and political reasons, with Joe Lieberman in particular having a burning interest in censoring criticism of Israel - so blaming it on Wikileaks will kill two birds with one stone.

The Russians were tracking the assassins of Alexander Litvinenko but were told to back off by the British.  A rational person can only conclude that the assassination was the work of the British, or somebody the British were protecting, and not the Russians.

"LEBANON: Hezbollah strays from Iranian line on WikiLeaks, praises its disclosures"

Armenia put in the American vice.

The United States supports the ultra-corrupt Uzbekistan to protect its supply lines to Afghanistan.

April Glaspie may have been closer to an idiot than a conspirator.

"Although we appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who come to support our nation and stand with us against the apartheid wall, it has become difficult for us to know who are the real supporters of peace and who are the infiltrators and intelligence agency plants among the peace activists who come to live and work among us in order to spy on our people and the peace movement in support of Israel and the foreign intelligence services."

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