Saturday, December 11, 2010

More on the leaks

b, who seems to have been resurrected by Wikileaks, has lost me here.  Why would Whitaker lie - a strong word for what amounts to passing along a possible theory - about something that in short order, by the publication of all the cables by Wikileaks itself, will be revealed one way or the other?  It may turn out that the volume of cables from the Tel Aviv embassy just isn't very interesting, with the good stuff, the 'sensitive documents' in Whitaker's words, subject to a higher level of classification.  This would fit the general theory of Zionist dominance over the Americans, with Israel being the only country dangerous enough to American diplomats and politicians to generally require a higher level of classification.  After all, if you make a mistake in a cable about any other country, you won't lose your job.  If you make the slightest error about Israel, or even display insufficient deference to the Superiority of the Jews, you will.

One of the many advantages of the Wikileaks release is that it lets us sort the good guys from the worthless poseurs.  Here is a particularly useless piece by Engdahl (which isn't to say that there aren't plans to restrict the internet).  Global Research appears to have no editorial standards whatsoever, and Chossudovsky is writing more and more like Noam's long-lost son.

"6 Companies That Haven't Wussed Out of Working with WikiLeaks"

"Wikileaks Cable: Big Oil Loves Venezuela Enough To Overlook Hugo Chavez"

"Inside the Zimbabwean diamond racket"

"WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites"  Note that the sourcing behind this cable is incredibly weak, as weak as what we see on supposed intel on enemies of Israel.

"Report: Assange accuser flees to Middle East, may not be cooperating with police"  Anna Ardin will be stuck with an awful stench for the rest of her life unless she quickly and loudly repudiates all the actions of the Swedish prosecutors.

"Rebuttal to Article Alleging that Wikileaks CEO "Made a Deal with Israel" Over Cables"  Actually, the original article is so laughably weak that you really have to wonder what kind of idiot was behind it.  They must think their audience is awfully stupid.  And who would benefit from an attack on Wikileaks?

"Is The CIA Hosting A Wikileaks Mirror?"
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