Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nothing to see here, please move along

There is a standard template for any American writing about Wikileaks, whether for or against it - you have to start by saying there is nothing of any substance in any of the cables.  Nothing to see here, please move along.  The leaks have spooked every imperialist.

"WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform"  This seems kinda important, especially as not covering it in the lamestream media kept the pressure off BP which allowed it to carry on the same kind of negligence - the very same issues caused each disaster - in the Gulf of Mexico, with the predictable consequences.

"WikiLeaks cables: BP accused by Azerbaijan of stealing oil worth $10bn"

"WikiLeaks cables: Chevron discussed oil project with Tehran, claims Iraqi PM"  Sanctions, what sanctions?

The magic of low corporate tax rates.

"Leaked Cable: Hike Food Prices To Boost GM Crop Approval In Europe"  This is the kind of monstrous conspiracy that we're always told is too crazy to be true.  Our leaders simply can't be that evil, can they?

"CENTRAL ASIA: WikiLeaks dispatches reveal a Great Game for the 21st century"

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