Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A peculiar ability to predict the future

"WikiLeaks: Yadlin wanted Hamas takeover":
"According to the document Yadlin said a Hamas takeover would be a positive step, because Israel would then be able to declare Gaza as a hostile entity.
A few days later, his prediction came true as Hamas took control of the Strip.
The American ambassador noted that if Fatah loses control of the Strip, Abbas would be urged to form a separate government in the West Bank.
Yadlin responded by saying that such developments would please Israel, because the IDF would not have to deal with Hamas as a stateless body. He also added that Israel would be able to cooperate with a Fatah-controlled West Bank."
This is complete confirmation of one of the most important 'anti-Semitic' conspiracy theories.  Of course, using the Palestinians to provide policing for Israel in the West Bank, and the 'Cast Iron' attack on the civilians of Gaza, just follow as part of the plans of the Jews.
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