Monday, January 31, 2011

More important than the President of the United States

One of the tiny group of Jews - oh, to live under deep ZOG! - permitted to give advice to Obama on Egypt (that's why the American response is so freakin' fantastic!), Elliott Abrams, actually blew him off!  He had other commitments more important than advising the President of the United States in the middle of a massive diplomatic crisis which deeply concerns the only thing Elliott Abrams cares about, building a racist violent supremacist Jewish Empire in the Middle East.

It is fun to watch the neocons spinning in the winds of change.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Schemes of the Pharaoh

A guy like Mubarak actually sees himself as the 'father' of his country.  As far as he is concerned, his 'children' are erring in failing to see how necessary he is for their well being.  Thus, they need a lesson.  They need to see how worse off they would be without him.

The lesson has a number of parts.  You replace the old government with a new government consisting of the same type of military players.  The new boss is the same as the old boss, and the only boss you are going to have.  No change from Mubarak, so no reason to remove Mubarak.  No reason to protest more.

You withdraw the police, and use the undercover police to loot and pillage ("2 looters were just caught in Muharram Beyh neighborhood of Alexandria who had police ID cards and were members of undercover plainclothes force."), empty prisons, and play up the dangers on local television, thus frightening the middle classes. You even attack strong symbols of the country in looting the Egyptian Museum ('a high-ranking member of the ruling National Democratic Party was involved in the attack on the museum'). The message is that the strong hand of the 'father' is needed to preserve order.  As bad as things are, they could be worse.

Of course, you continue to cut off communications to keep the levels of tension high.  You even kick out that annoying Al Jazeera bureau.

The 'children' have to stop their childish fantasies.  Life isn't perfect.  They have the best government they can possibly have, and striving for something different is hopeless and very dangerous.  Come to think about it, that's pretty much the same lesson we are all supposed to learn.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


It appears that the looting, including in the Egyptian Museum, is being largely done by the state, possibly by the missing undercover 'police'.

Another big day

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream is reporting as if the end of Mubarak [changed!] is a given, and wondering what the regional effects will be.  Another curfew is being enthusiastically ignored.

The standard response of World Jewry is to compare the protesters in Egypt to the American-Zionist attempted counter-revolution that occurred in Iran after the election that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won in a landslide.  Completely backasswards, of course, as the Iranian protesters were led by the old plutocracy (which isn't to say that there weren't some legitimate protesters too).  It is the plutocracy that the Egyptian revolution is fighting to remove.

"Iran and Egypt: a Zionist explains the difference"  The Jews and their American slaves are agonized about violence and loss of stability in Egypt, but had no such concerns about Iran.

Sometimes the American imperialist bias is so thick it makes Americans queasy.

"Could a U.S. government crackdown take America off the internet?"

"Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet" - from Wired, so watch out for Pentagon trickery.

"Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down"

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Egypt

I think the Al Jazeera English: Live Stream is excellent - and it helps that a lot of the action is occurring under their studio windows - but they could perhaps back down on the overt cheering for the protesters (and, probably, overestimating their short-term chances of success).

"How Egypt Turned Off the Internet"

"How to Foil a Nationwide Internet Shutdown" - to be saved for when they shut down your internet, as they will.

Helena Cobban:
"So thorough-going has been the witch-hunt that AIPAC and its attack dogs have conducted over the past 25 years against anyone with real Middle East expertise that the U.S. government now contains no-one at the higher (or even mid-career) levels of policymaking who has any in-depth understanding of the region or of the aspirations of its people.

The campaign against anyone with regional expertise-- the so-called "State Department Arabists"-- was launched in the public sphere by the dreadful know-nothing Robert Kaplan, in the 1980s. It got a strong foothold throughout the federal bureaucracy-- and far more broadly than in just the State department-- with the arrival of Pres. Clinton in 1993. Clinton, that is, who brought along as his key advisers on the affairs of the whole region the two long-time pro-Israel activists Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk! Then, of course, under GWB, we had Elliott Abrams and rest of the neocons running regional affairs for the government.

And what was happening inside the State Department during all those years? Only hacks like Jeffrey Feltman or Donald Blome-- the list is endless... -- who could prove their unswerving loyalty to the pro-Israel agenda got promoted or retained. Throughout those 16 years of the Clinton and GWB presidencies, a generation of career diplomats grew up whose main mantra was to do nothing that might question or even upset Israel. (There were, of course, those heroic few who questioned the prevailing, AIPAC-fueled "wisdom" on the advisability of invading Iraq in 2003, who resigned their posts at the time.)

So now, in the Oval Office, we have the blind leading the blind and the blind advising the blind."
The sweet irony of ZOG undermining the Zionist Empire.

Anti-Narrative history in the making

The Al Jazeera English: Live Stream, broadcasting with the police apparently knocking on the door, with the feeling that the feed could go black at any time, is amazing. Not just history in the making, but the first live broadcast against the usual American/Zionist Empire Narrative.

Mubarak has just ordered the army out to reinforce the police. Just one instance of them failing to fire on innocent protesters, and Mubarak is on the wrong end of a meathook in hours.

Nobody is paying attention to the curfew.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"In the meantime… no change. Eppur si muove."

"Mossad, The Biggest Loser In Tunisia"

"Traitors With Bloodstained Hands"

"Qurei: "Occupy the crossing""

"MI6 offered to detain Hamas figures"

"The al-Madhoun assassination"

Hilarious:  "Good News From the Middle East (Really)"  Note that the Jews want to continue the process of killing Palestinians and stealing their land while the world is distracted by a phony 'negotiation' process. 

And on this most holy of days:  "Jewish hockey player claims he was harassed"

The annual Jewish Film Awards are coming up:  "'Nazi' smears on George VI threatens Colin Firth's Oscar hopes"

"Why Won't Anyone Tell You That Marty Peretz Is Gay?"

"Wikileaks Pudding" - paranoia is always a good thing, but I fail to see the point of this alleged trick.

"Convicted Alaska Briber Bill Allen's Daughter Buys Fake JFK Ambulance"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Must be a fair vote ('98.7', 'almost 99' - it must be someone's lucky number):
"Provisional results from South Sudan's referendum show that almost 99 percent of voters have chosen independence, the referendum commission's website said on Sunday after 98.7 percent of the votes had been counted."
Wikileaks is proving to be dangerously inspirational, as people around the world see the cleansing effects of uncovering the secrets of the vile.  The leaks helped in Tunisia by confirming suspicions.  Then we saw leaks embarrassing to Hariri in Lebanon, easing the way for a big shift in power.  Now, the Palestinian Papers.  It's rough to lose a collaborator, particularly a puppy dog like this one:
  1. NastyLeaks by Robert M. Danin, of course the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, head of the Jerusalem mission of Quartet Representative Tony Blair from April 2008 to June 2010, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs from 2005 to 2008 and Director for the Levant and Israeli-Palestinian Affairs at the U.S. National Security Council from 2003 to 2005 (I wonder if he is related to Ezra Danin, whose famous quote is ‘To the Arabs of the Land of Israel only one function remains - to run away.’).
  2. The concentration camp guard just cites Danin.
  3. "Will leaks end Mideast peace process?" by David Frum, who takes from this that the collaborators asked for far too much (!!!!), when in fact any fool can see that they attempted to give everything away, and were only thwarted by the fact that Tzipi Livni thought that everything wasn't close to being enough.
The violent racist supremacist logic behind Tzipi's rejection of everything:
"Were Israel - as a state - to be formalized, however, any minority within it, is likely to be emboldened to agitate for equal rights - whereas in their present ambiguous situation, minorities are fearful, and cautious to raise demands, lest they be ethnically cleansed in some future ‘population’ swap. The very ambiguity implicit in the threat of population exchange is a source of political quiescence, which benefits the Zionist objective.

Zionists are also likely to conclude that a Palestinian state, established alongside Israel, would be active in efforts to generate international support for the principle of minority rights in Israel – and thus threaten the Zionist basis of the state by delegitimizing their state as racist.

Ultimately the issue of differential rights for Jews and non-Jews is not in principle eased by establishing a Palestinian state. Its magnitude may be reduced from 40-50% to 20%, but the inherent contradiction remains unresolved - in either outcome. Against this ambivalent calculus, it is not surprising that the Zionist argument for keeping borders undefined, leaving Palestinians in deliberate uncertainty and hostage to their good conduct, whilst holding on to water and land resources, has trumped other Israelis arguing for downsizing the differential rights problem, and improving the minority’s treatment – albeit short of granting full rights to non-Jews in all matters. This is the calculus that has predominated. This is why we do not have a Palestinian state."
"NBC: U.S. can't link accused Army private to Assange" Assange has always been careful to seek the strongest legal protection, so a slip like this would have been out of character.

Assange from 2009 on the Army's outsourcing of torture to the people it trained.

"Professor comes under fire for alleged anti-Iranian e-mail"  Supremacist arrogance will eventually bear a cost.

"Israelis target Macy Gray with racist diatribes AFTER she agrees to play Tel Aviv (and who are the “assholes?”)"

"Crisis in Alabama averted, thanks to the ADL"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Solved murders?

You might think that some of the old classic murders would be beyond solving:
  1. The Black Dahlia (quite convincing and clever):  one two three;
  2. Oakland County Child Killer - solved years ago, but covered up by a corrupted police department which is still corrupted and still covering up for the rich family decades after the suicide of the culprit;
  3. Betsy Aardsma, one of the most confounding of the unsolved, murdered in a university library with lots of people around;
  4. Chandra Levy? - probably not, though authorities have fingered a patsy.  Why is Condit still so evasive?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jaron Lanier, who must get paid by the word, submits his job application to the U. S. State Department.  It is funny how much American commentary on Wikileaks is driven entirely by giddy love of U. S. imperialism, even from places where you wouldn't expect it.

"The 1947 Exodus ("The Return")"  Part of the enormous, but essential, PR base created for us over the last 100 years so that we might swallow a strong dose of violent racist supremacism.  Some history had to be disappeared in the process.  The essay would look a lot more professional with the loss of the numerology at the end.

It is amusing to read all the commentaries on how bad Joe Lieberman was/is and note that not one of them dares point out what caused this extremely liberal guy to turn into such a monster.

The connections allowed the incompetents to become the elites:  "Evidence of an American Plutocracy: The Larry Summers Story"  Americans are paying an awful price for it.

" proves JFK ambulance is a fake."  Demonstrating all the integrity for which auctioneers are famous:  "Barrett-Jackson Auction Company doesn't know what it is, doesn't care. On with the auction!"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Baby Doc arrest was a scam, intended to launder him of criminal baggage so he can no doubt go on to head the kleptocracy.

Canadian ZOG forces the showing of the anti-Iranian hate film.

"State Dept. Anti-Semitism Envoy Misrepresented By Washington Post Blogger"  Their ultra-Zionist blogger just made stuff up. The Washington Post reaches a new low in what passes for journalism, but nothing will be done about it for the usual reason.

"Well this one could be a suicide" "Israeli army discharges soldier for shooting Palestinian civilian"  The Jews seem to realize they are about to lose their state, and with it the ability to legally - at least by their own violent supremacist racist version of law - commit massive and vile crimes, and so are accelerating their criminality while they can.  The upcoming huge war crimes tribunal of the entire Jewish population of Israel will have to deal with this murderer with an appropriately long sentence.

"J&J Sued For Trying To Avoid Recall By Sending People To Buy Up Defective Motrin"  Johnson & Johnson used to have a better than average reputation based on the fact it was supposedly more honest than the other lyin' pharmaceutical companies, but the logic of capitalism means that every corporation has to lie (note how "Our Credo" contained responsibilities to those other than shareholders, something the J&J executives must now find hilarious). 

"Evil Koch Industries Will Crush Well-Meaning Pranksters"  "Koch Industries Sues Prankster For Saying It Cares About Environment"

"The Desperate Campaign to Discredit Jane Mayer"  "The Smearing of Jane Mayer"

Kochroaches don't like the light.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Threats block anti-Iran movie screening" (note the interference of Canadian ZOG through Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore).  I have to say I love the utterly misleading headline from the Jew-controlled paper:  "Film cancelled after Iranian request" (article by infamous plagiarist Robert Sibley, who maintains a job due to his ability to write long, long eye-glazers promoting Islamophobia and the 'war on terror').  The 'film festival' (Islamophobia, Zionism über alles, and a touch of climate change denial).  I guess the colonies haven't got the memo yet that Israel is now playing down the mythical Iranian nuclear program (the reason of course being that they are lusting for Lebanon, and scaring people with an imaginary threat from a temporarily superfluous enemy is just frightening Jews to leave).

"At long last, Farber forced to denounce JDL"

Lots of Canadian news on the Jewish empire:  "Canadian B'nai Brith suggests The Bay is practicing boycott without saying so"

"The Harper marriage and the Globe"

Long overdue:  "'Baby Doc' to go behind bars? (Updated)"

Right on the heels of John P. Wheeler (whose death must be a deep government conspiracy, for the official cover-up has begun even before we have a cause of death), the disappeared story of the death of Ashley Turton, lobbyist for Progress Energy.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2010

"EU Spying Scandal of 2003 Points to Mossad"

The sheer incompetence of Zionist defenders is heartwarming.

Funny Cryptome graph of Wikileaks leaking speed - molasses in January.   It was on the basis of a sliver of this sliver that the conspiracy poseurs made all their allegations about Assange working for Israel.

Polishing a turd:  "Boycott Victory Update - Ahava is rebranding"

Unfortunately, Tunisia has already turned into a clever rebranding effort by the same mafia clans that ran the place under Ben Ali.  He left so quickly to allow them to keep the money flowing under a 'national unity' government, i.e., the same crooks with a few outsiders who will get a small taste of the loot to keep them quiet.  Since the object of the hatred seems to be gone, the crooks will be able to create an electable slate of candidates to front the same corruption.

The Tunisian revolution was a combination of:
  1. an educated population, very underpaid for its potential productivity;
  2. obvious corruption and violent repression of any dissent; and
  3. rapid food price inflation
the latter triggering event caused by a deadly combination of first world agricultural subsidies, global warming, ethanol subsidies, and the beggar-thy-neighbor financial policies of the United States ('quantitative easing').  This food price problem is only going to get worse.

It is funny that the ZOG was so preoccupied with causing a civil war in Lebanon - requiring Israeli intervention which is supposed to end with the Jews killing people and stealing land up to the Litani River (which they will have to reluctantly keep for 'security' reasons) - that they dropped the ball in Tunisia.

Purest Zionist propaganda:  "A sliver of hope in the Middle East"

"The 6 Most Disastrous Attempts at Internet Damage Control"  (via techdirt - "Cracked Lists Streisand Effect Sufferers, Curiously Leaves Out Streisand").

Monday, January 17, 2011

WTC 7 collapse

From Cryptome, "WTC 7 Collapse Described" (pdf) to the 9/11 commission by Mike Catalano, former head of security at WTC 7 (my emphasis in red):
"SSB was one of many tenants in this building (which included OEM, Secret Service, DOD, Home Insurance and others). Mike said that the 47 story building was originally built for Drexel.  It was 'empty for a few years when Boesky and Miliken went to jail. In 1987-88, Solomon Brothers took a lease in the building (owned by Silverstein) and eventually took over 3/4% of the building.' They turned it into Solly's international headquarters and invested over $800 mm into the building. They installed an AC plant on top of the building so they could control the heating and cooling. This was the first piece to go when the building collapsed. It was sucked in.  They had generators installed so that in 1993 when the bombing went, the Solomon floors of WTC7 were still working. They did not need water, electricity or anything.

Mike said there were 12,000 gallons of fuel underground for SSB. 15,000 for the City and another 10,000 for SEC and FBI as well as another 10,000 for Silverstein. He said that this was within code, although he said that the Port Authority did not have to follow City code."
and (the last word should probably be 'burn'):
"He was in the hallway when the second plane was hit. He walked down the stairs and people were already evacuating on their own in an orderly fashion. He went to the lobby and spoke with Marty M. who worked for Silverstein and suggested forcefully that an evacuation was necessary. The Silverstein guy said it was not necessary because the event was across the street.  After a heated exchange, the Silverstein guy agreed to call an evacuation (after the second plane hit, before the tower fell).

Mike said that he was assisting in setting up a triage center on the loading dock with stuff from the SSB fitness room but no one came. He was out on Vesey Street helping set this up when he was told to call Ed Campbell, the head of the building. He walked inside to call him and the tower fell. There were 6 people at the phone center and they all lay on the floor while the building shook. It sounded like a missile or an earthquake ... twisting metal he thought. The vents on the top of the building and on the 5th floor sucked in the air and jammed the generators and caused them to bum."
"He went to the 4th floor cafeteria where he knew there was an emergency door. In fact, there were two emergency exits. The one door had a broken handle so it couldn't be used. The other door, when opened was full of fire and smoke (colored). He also looked out the window to see if they could jump onto the ConEd building but there was a huge fire there. So they chose to wrap their heads in wet towels and make the escape through the smoky stairwell. The stairwell was below the generators that were burning. They went through the stairwell and made it to the street. They climbed up to Barclay Street when the second tower fell and chased them through the streets. He said large debris, the size of buses, was following them down the street. 
He said the generators automatically went on for 27 minutes when the building shakes. So once the first tower fell and the smoke cleared, the building was lit. He said there were no tunnels out of WTC7 in spite of reports. He said the city people were the first to evacuate. He said that the repeater system worked perfectly and their radios were blaring the entire time. Unfortunately, there is no tape of those calls.

Mike said that WTC7 would have collapsed even if the other towers had not collapsed because of the fires. He said there were 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 20,000 gallons of coolant. This was a huge fire."

Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Stochastic Terrorism:  Triggering the shooters." (via here; more on 'Becking'):
"Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communications to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.
This is what occurs when Bin Laden releases a video that stirs random extremists halfway around the globe to commit a bombing or shooting.
This is also the term for what Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, and others do.  And this is what led directly and predictably to a number of cases of ideologically-motivated murder similar to the Tucson shootings.
Update: the mechanism spelled out.
(This update is to resolve some ambiguity.)  
The person who actually plants the bomb or assassinates the public official is not the stochastic terrorist, they are the "missile" set in motion by the stochastic terrorist.  The stochastic terrorist is the person who uses mass media as their means of setting those "missiles" in motion.
Here's the mechanism spelled out concisely:
The stochastic terrorist is the person who uses mass media to broadcast memes that incite unstable people to commit violent acts.  
One or more unstable people responds to the incitement by becoming a lone wolf and committing a violent act.   While their action may have been statistically predictable (e.g. "given the provocation, someone will probably do such-and-such"), the specific person and the specific act are not predictable (yet).  
The stochastic terrorist then has plausible deniability: "Oh, it was just a lone nut, nobody could have predicted he would do that, and I'm not responsible for what people in my audience do."
The lone wolf who was the "missile" gets captured and sentenced to life in prison, while the stochastic terrorist keeps his prime time slot and goes on to incite more lone wolves.    
Further, the stochastic terrorist may be acting either negligently or deliberately, or may be in complete denial of their impact, just like a drunk driver who runs over a pedestrian without even realizing it.  
Finally, there is no conspiracy here: merely the twisted acts of individuals who are promoting extremism, who get access to national media in which to do it, and the rest follows naturally just as an increase in violent storms follows from an increase in average global temperature."
There actually is a conspiracy - Murdoch and the Koch brothers know exactly what is going on, and what the consequences will be, and they seek those consequences.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The haters dissemble

"Let's Get This Straight: There Is No Progressive Equivalent to the Right's Violent Rhetoric"

Even more importantly, the long, long list of violent attacks since the election of Obama - a group that the mainstream media hardly ever mentions (and I imagine the Secret Service has a much longer list, stifled so as not to encourage copycats) - is always inspired by the right-wing hatemongers.

"The Right's Rising Tide of Violent Rhetoric Is Deadly"

"Yes, Jared Loughner's Act Was Political"

"David Brock Explains to Chris Matthews That Beck Has Been Responsible for Three Thwarted Assassination Attempts" "David Brock on Hardball: 'Glenn Beck Himself Has Been Responsible For Three Thwarted Assassination Attempts This Year.'"

"Glenn Beck and Jared Loughner: Separated at birth?" "Separated at Birth?"

"a dirty bomb in maine?"

"What violent rhetoric? Another right-wing nutcase arrested for threatening congressman. Was O'Reilly the inspiration?"

"'Who I Wanted to Kill Was Every Democrat in the Senate + House': Where the Notion of Right-Wing Political Murder Comes From"

"Tucson tea party founder says Giffords to blame for getting shot" Note that his goal is clearly to turn society into competing bands of armed men, with social 'peace' determined by who can afford the most gunpower.

"More evidence of right-wing links to Tucson attack"  Note how lucky the right-wingers are that this inevitable attack was by someone they are able to portray as unpolitical, or even 'leftist'. In fact, the general right-wing nuttiness of Arizona is directly responsible for the budget cuts that meant there was no treatment for him. 'Conservative' and 'stupid' mean the same thing.

"Following the trail of political rhetoric to violence: Can we deny that words matter?"
"And here's the central point to remember: Violent language and hateful political rhetoric don't make most of the people who hear it run out and kill. Rather, the problem is that it makes it more likely that a handful of more fervent, less stable, more susceptible, less socially connected individuals will hear the message and take it to heart. And in a world where guns are cheap and plentiful, all it takes is one.

The solution, needless to say, is not censorship. The solution is to view those who favor violence as a way of dealing with one's political opponents with contempt, and to treat entertainers who use such language and tropes as moneymaking devices as beneath even that. I don't want the government telling Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or any other xenophobic whack job what not to say; I just want sensible Americans to switch the channel and confine them to the obscurity that they deserve."
There needs to be a master list of advertisers on all these shows - Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, etc - and advertisers need to be told unambiguously that if they continue to support this hatefest they will be permanently boycotted by decent people.  Any politician like Palin who dabbles in violence needs to understand that any chance of a political career is over.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

American supremacists

It is amazing how much the two violent racist supremacist groups in the United States, the Jews and the Whites, manage to integrate themselves into each others issues.  Of course, they deeply hate each other, but the white supremacists have a grudging admiration for the massive success of ZOG, and the 'scientific anti-Semites' spend a considerable amount of time examining the Jews for hints at how the white supremacists might find some success.   Here we have a white supremacist problem - a challenge to the manipulation of violence and threats of violence used in lieu of democracy - that has been completely taken over by the Jews:
  1. the raising of the issue of the attack as 'anti-Semitic' due to the Jewishness of the presumed main target;
  2. the lightning-fast, if terribly weak, attempt by World Jewry, to disprove the problem that the assassin was almost certainly Jewish;
  3. the clumsy - but probably clumsy like a fox (or Fox) - use by Palin of the term 'blood libel', immediately piled on by the usual suspects as being a term, like the Holocaust, that solely belongs to the Jews (with Abe and the concentration camp guard backing off a little as Palin is 'good for the Jews').
I'm surprised Palin didn't claim to be a Holocaust survivor (at which point Elie 'Holocaust winner' Wiesel would have said "Really? What's it feel like?")

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Unintended Inevitable

We've already worked through the various stages of right-wing nut spin, ending up at the inevitable slight of Scots-Irish honor - we're insulted that you would notice what we're up to.  Of course, the final stage is for everybody else to turn away in shame, afraid of hurting the feelings of the crazies.  It is easier to pretend it never happened than to call them out on it.

Isolated incidents.

The right-wing media enablers abuse threats of violence so casually that comedy is inevitable:  "Glenn Beck: We Must Stand Together Against All Violence (With A Gun In Our Hands)"

It is not that the Palins of the world want violence to occur, at least against specific targets, it is just that they don't care.  The point is to cheapen political discourse, to make politics unseemly, to deter good and decent people from participating in it. Functioning politics is bad for the plutocrats, so their stooges do everything they can to denigrate it.  Winking at violence as an alternative is just one of their tricks.  Sometimes things happen that they didn't exactly want to happen (or so they tell us and themselves).  We could call it the Unintended Inevitable.

Monday, January 10, 2011


"“(Loughner’s mom is Jewish, according to Tierney.)”"

"Lerner points to anti-Semitic character of new hatred in America" Even a 'lefty' Jew can't resist the sweet, sweet lure of 'anti-Semitism'.


Arizona, the state which makes Mississippi look like Norway.  An experiment in government by teabagger:
"The general unsightliness of the capitol makes it a fitting home for today’s Arizona legislature, which is composed almost entirely of dimwits, racists, and cranks. Collectively they have bankrupted the state through a combination of ideological fanaticism on the Republican right and acquiescence and timidity on the part of G.O.P. moderates and Democrats. Although dozens of states are facing budget crises, the situation in Arizona is arguably the nation’s worst, graver even than in California. A horrific budget deficit has been papered over with massive borrowing and accounting gimmickry, and the state may yet have to issue IOUs to employees and vendors. All-day kindergarten has been eliminated statewide, and some districts have adopted a four-day school week. Arizona’s state parks, despite bringing in 2 million visitors and $266 million annually, have lost 80 percent of their budget, with up to two thirds of the parks now in danger of closure. The legislature slashed the budget for the Department of Revenue, which required the agency to fire hundreds of state auditors and tax collectors; lawmakers boasted that these measures saved $25 million, but a top official in the department estimated that the state would miss out on $174 million in tax collections as a result.

Any way out of Arizona’s crisis will require raising taxes, a move that is tantamount to heresy for most lawmakers. For nearly a year, the legislature refused to approve the emergency sales-tax increase (of just one cent per dollar) proposed by Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican who had been elected as secretary of state but assumed the top job in 2009 when Janet Napolitano joined the Obama Administration. Eventually, lawmakers passed the buck to voters by authorizing a May 18 statewide ballot on the sales tax - which passed, after a $2.2 million marketing effort by education and business groups - but before doing so they enacted tax cuts that over four years will deprive the state of more money than the sales-tax increase is estimated to bring in. 

Instead, to raise cash, the legislature has pursued a series of wild sell-offs and budget cuts. It privatized the capitol building and leased it back from its new owner, an arrangement that brought in substantial revenue but over time will cost Arizona far more. The legislature has sold off numerous other state properties at bargain prices, and has put up future lottery revenues as collateral on a $450 million loan. Meanwhile, Arizona removed more than 300,000 adults from state health coverage and terminated one health-care program for 47,000 poor children. Funding was slashed at the agency that deals with reports of child abuse and neglect, and also at Children’s Rehabilitative Services, so that parents of children with cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, and a number of other conditions are now required to pay 100 percent of treatment costs. "
"Arizona lawmakers have shown little enthusiasm for dealing seriously with the state's insolvency. They have instead preferred to focus on matters that have little to do with the crisis. Lawmakers have turned racial profiling into official policy, through a new law that requires police to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand to see their papers; anyone not carrying acceptable proof of citizenship can be arrested for trespassing and thrown in jail for up to six months. But this is just one bill in what has been a season of provocative legislating. Another new law bans the funding of any ethnic-studies programs in the public schools, while a third prohibits 'intentionally or knowingly creating a human-animal hybrid.' Lawmakers declared February 8 the 'Boy Scout Holiday,' took time out to discount fishing-license fees for Eagle Scouts, and approved a constitutional right to hunt.

In January, Senator Jack Harper, an immaculately combed zealot who speaks in the patter of an infomercial voiceover, submitted a bill that would allow faculty members to carry guns on university campuses, saying it was 'one very small step in trying to eliminate gun-free zones, where there's absolutely no one who could defend themselves if a terrorist incident happened.' The house passed a measure that would force President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to state officials if he runs for re-election, as well as a bill that bars Arizona from entering into any program to regulate greenhouse gases without approval from the legislature. 'There are only two ways to vote on this,' said Representative Ray Barnes of the latter initiative. 'Yes, or face the east in the morning and worship the EPA because they own you.' "
Palin censorship.

Too weird:  "Why Is Jared Loughner Obsessed With Grammar?"

The concentration camp guard can't help but add some Islamophobia to the analysis, but I wonder what he is up to downplaying the eliminationist aspects of the massacre.  Probably just protecting the American ultra/mainstream right, as people like Palin are 'good for the Jews'.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dangerous territory

Look for this not to happen (from a comment by JEP to a Talking Points Memo posting on Palin bullseye spin, contradicted, in the 'Late update', by Palin's own words, and referring to more right-wing laughs):
"The FBI needs to get the guest list from Kelly's M-16 campaign event. There's some REAL smoking guns in this investigation, and not just metaphorical evidence."
The 'third rail' of American politics - far too dangerous to touch - since the JFK assassination has been the connections between the mainstream right and the extremist ultra-violent right. The Tea Party is one of the clearest examples, a media creation funded and promoted by a small group of very rich Republicans.  The crazies can do things the Plutocrats (Kochs, Murdoch, etc) want done, but can't do themselves.  Remember that one of their main goals is to de-democratize the country, by making politics an undesirable job for decent human beings, and isolating the remaining politicians from the people.


The media started with the assertion that Jared Lee Loughner was actually a left-winger.  This is standard procedure, so much so that I think they must have a media guide instructing them how to handle difficult PR situations.

When the videos obviously demonstrated an obsession with the ideas of the extreme right (which is no longer distinguishable from the mainstream right), they immediately switched to the idea that he is insane, and therefore partisan politics became irrelevant.

Following the 'fair and balanced' idea of providing 'objectivity' by staging debates between right wingers of varying degrees of radicalism, the main argument is now that both right and left wingers have to tone down the rhetoric, the right-wingers for painting cross-hairs on their political opponents and making both overt and veiled threats of extreme violence, and the left-wingers for the 'name-calling' in complaining about it! Since both sides are to blame, it can't be a partisan issue!

The white supremacists have recently been gloating over the success of their wedge issue, immigration, and how successful it has been as a propaganda weapon, starting, in all places, in Arizona.  They went suddenly silent after the shooting.  We are now seeing the standard  mind-control argument emerging.  Whenever some gun nut goes on a rampage and kills a bunch of innocents, the killer is depicted as under government control, programmed to provide the PR to allow the 'gun-grabbers' to make gun ownership illegal.  Again, the standard argument, hilarious in its predictability.

Of course, the Koch Brothers and Murdoch have Palin under strict PR lockdown, scrubbing her media presence of any threatening language, and carefully handling her image reincarnation.  They will carefully guide her through the next few weeks - no unsupervised tweeting! - to preserve their valuable asset.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

First thoughts on a possible conspiracy

The one thing that leaps out about Jared Lee Loughner is that he did an enormous amount of damage in a short time with just a pistol.  I'm guessing at least another shooter out of sight firing into the crowd with a rifle.  I wonder if the FBI jumped in so quickly as they didn't trust local authorities not to cover up for local militias.

It would be nice if for once normal and decent Americans rose up with one voice and told the right-wingers to shut the fuck up with the cross-hairs and the 'lock and load'.  This half-jocular violence isn't funny and never was.

Excellent advertising

TAKE BACK the 20


"Gabrielle Giffords Dead: Dies Of Gunshot Wound To The Head"

This should guarantee the Presidency for Sarah Palin (the target website is still up as it is excellent advertising - here's the Google cache if they decide to take it down).

The solution

""We've diagnosed the problem…Help us prescribe the solution.""  Note the bullseyes.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"David F. Noble: In Memoriam"

Polite:  "Dershowitz is unreliable narrator"

Return of the Ottoman Empire:  "Maariv: Turkish FM says he envisions one Israeli-Palestinian state under Ankara's protection"

Typically hilarious and misleading American mainstream media headline:  "Doctor defends research tying vaccine to autism"

Speaking of lying about autism: "Was the Huffington Post Founded as a Disinformation Site?"

Related (a sausage-making story): "Former Huffington Post Chief Is Hired to Run Glenn Beck Site"

"U.S. missile-defense test fails over Pacific" Since Israel relies on this technology, get ready for Holocaust II: The Sequel (I imagine Eli will be the winner of that one too).

Heaps of hasbara hilarity:  "Skeptical 'Washington Post' report on teargassing death is written by reporter said to have served in Israeli army"

The concentration camp guard has been having great fun over Arab conspiracy theories.  "Lies of the Israeli media: the story of the Mossad vulture"  "Jeffrey Goldberg’s innuendo belied by history" 

"Goldberg’s next war sure sounds a lot like his last one"

"How the media played up Saddam Hussein's toppled statue"  Old news, but it is still amazing how the entire American mainstream media stood around and watched this Pentagon show and then parroted the same Pentagon lies in their reporting.  Trained lying seals.

Much as I hate Norman Spector, this is a good story, and shows how long the Jews have been up to their tricks:
"I would have asked Mr. Cotler these two questions because of an incident that occurred when I was ambassador to Israel and he was a McGill University law professor who periodically brought justices of the Supreme Court of Canada to Israel to meet with their judicial counterparts.

The program had the backing of the Government of Canada. And the incident involved Antonio Lamer who, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, stood No. 3 in Canada's Table of Precedence.

When I learned that Mr. Lamer was to be escorted on a visit to East Jerusalem by Israeli officials, I sought direction from Ottawa. I was advised by officials at the foreign ministry that this was not the first time the Israelis had tried such a manoeuvre in order to buttress their claim to that part of the city. And I was directed to discourage Mr. Lamer from carrying through with the visit under these arrangements, which he readily agreed to. Mr. Cotler was furious, and he severely upbraided me in the local press. Which I thought at the time, and still do, was entirely inappropriate."
Related (there has never been a 'Good Israel', nor are there any 'Good Jews' who would do the right thing if only they were in power): "The myth of “Good Israel” vs. “Bad Israel”"

Hey, Noam:  "Coca Cola, P&G, Westinghouse, Philip Morris, Hewlett Packard wanted to open Gaza border. But they're chopped liver"

We could ruin all the bad guys tomorrow if we wanted to:  "Retired Soccer Star: 'We Control The Banks,' Calls For Massive Money Withdrawal"

Friday, January 07, 2011

First, you remove the guards

From Cryptome, another 9/11 Commission interview, this time with Captain Charles Joseph Leidig, U.S.N., Commandant of Midshipmen, U.S. Naval Academy, the guy in charge of defending that part of the United States from attack on September 11, and a man who can't seem to recall much of anything, describing what appears to be a madhouse (my emphasis in red; 'a small light plane'?):
"Shortly after he received the watch from General Winfield, he saw a report on
one of the big news stations, a small light plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.
They had live television feed from multiple TV stations. Gardner, he recalled flew as
crew on an A-6 and the discussed when they saw and they started the internal JCS
notification list, to include the Chairman's office. They also notified the office of the
Secretary of Defense. Either he or Commander Gardner would have made the
notification calls. He reported that a small airplane crashed into one of the two towers of
the World Trade Center.
He was prompted that the Senior Operations Officer went to gather up as much
information as he could and he recalled that one call was made to the FAA. He thought
Commander Gardner actually made that call. FAA had a report of a hijacking on a plane
that had departed Boston. They asked if FAA needed any assistance. The answer was
no, the pilot had called in and said everything was under control and he was going to land
at New York shortly. This call was made to the FAA Operations Center
There was something unusual, he and Gardner thought, that a light plane had
crashed into the WTC and that there was a report of a hijacking. This is all before the
second plane impacted the other WTC tower."
"Concerning the NOIWON call (a Washington area-specific watch officer
network that links key 24-hour watches, including the White House Situation Room), he
does not recall who called first. It is not uncommon for the White House to call first,
while' the NMCC is making its notifications. That, and most other calls to the NMCC
were seeking whatever additional information was available. He recalled no situational
awareness that came from the NOrwON call.
He was told that the SIEC was convened between 0920 and 0925 and was asked
if he was aware of any other aircraft out there, lost, missing or hijack. He did not recall
being concerned about any other aircraft at the point that the SIEC was convened. The
only plane he knew about was the one that was going to land in NYC and that had not
been resolved.
He recalled that FAA only had one STU-III and they could not stay up on a
conference on that phone .
He had no awareness of AA 77 coming back to Washington D.C. His first
awareness was a call from the SECDEF's three-star aide who asked if he felt the
explosion in the building and asked Leidig to investigate, it might be a terrorist attack."
"No one talked Force Protection before the Pentagon was struck, that he recalled.
[9/11 Classified Information]
 He did not recall phone calls to NORAD prior to the advent of the SIEC. At
this point Stafftumed to the transcript of the Air Threat Conference Call (ATCC) and
recalled for him his update. His reference to AA 11 he recalled was because that incident
was open and not resolved; he said on the conference that AA11 was headed for
Washington. He thought his reference was that "it was being confirmed" not that "it has
been confirmed." He thought the information came from FAA. They're trying to figure
out where the hijacked aircraft was going.
There was not a separate hijack conference, he said. Staff then referred to such
as an FAA conference. He does not recall being on any such conference.
Staff recounted for Liedig, in reference to the SIEC, that NORAD
recommended the reconvening of the conference as an ATCC. He thought the SIEC was
the right conference, the ATCC had cold war implications and brought a different group
of people to a conference.
The plane that hit the Pentagon was not the same plane that was under
discussion in the Air Threat Conference Call. The fact that he transitioned to an ATCC,
in retrospect, he thought was because he perceived an air threat at that time. He recalled
that they were notifying people continuously and did not recall who was notified that the
ATCC was convened, but was confident that notification was made. He recalled very
clearly being frustrated that he could not keep FAA in the conference. They would ask
questions, FAA would not be there, and they would have to redial them. He thought it
would have been the ADDO or the SOO who was trying to keep FAA in the conference
by calling their watch center; he referred to it as an ops center.
[EGHet He did not recall if the VCJCS was in the ATCC conference, by telephone. He
said they would have been trying to do so; he is a member of the conference."
"He described his situation as a multi-tiered battle, to include knowing about
consequence management underway elsewhere in the building. He recalled his
situational awareness on the Pentagon crash as being an aircraft was from CNN.
Leidig is certain that Winfield returned after the Pentagon was hit. He is not
certain of Winfield's arrival in relationship with the Vice Chairman.
The only specific situational awareness he recalled was on a hijacked airplane
that was a threat to Chicago. He was referred to a NORAD report of "a possible fourth"
aircraft. He did not recall where the term "fourth" came from. He was not aware of any
other continuous open line with either the FAA or with NORAD.
"They did not have the thought in the Command Center to put all the aircraft in
the United States on the ground. There was no discussion about that event before it
Leidig did not know that there were fighter aircraft in CAP over DC before
discussions at the national level about that need. He did remember discussions about
fighter support for Air Force One, in the conference and not on a separate line.
He can't say that there was a separate source for the PEOC report of an inbound
aircraft. He equated that report to the same plane that had been headed to Chicago.
He deferred to the transcript of the Air Threat Conference for definitive
information as to when FAA was on the Conference. He did not recall anyone coming in
from another room or calling out himself to bring FAA into the conference.
Concerning Andrews, he thought Commander Gardner might have been
handling any such calls. He recalled that General Meyers was using available phones to
talk to senior officers at multiple locations. He and other Generals/Admirals were
working issues using a bank of available phones. The Air Threat Conference was on
speaker so everyone could hear. He recalled the room going quiet when the shootdown
language came over the Conference.
Concerning the threat to DC, the NMCC was convinced, he recalled that there
was an inbound threat to the Pentagon. He sense was that there were fighters in the air
and they were trying to get them focused on the inbound threat. He had a hard time
getting someone to tell him about the fighters."
"Concerning the first registering of the Vice President's shoot down language.
He recalled that it was more specific than what is registered in the transcript at this point.
It is more of a question than an order. He doesn't think that they have given the order at
that point.
He recalled language that when a plane got 15 minutes outbound (he meant
inbound) they had authority to engage. That language apparently came during a blank
portion of the tape. [Staff Note. The taping device that day was an analog device that
required that someone pay attention and periodically flip the cassette or insert a new one.
His recollection was, on reading the transcript, that there were conversations not
recorded.] He thought he was still the DDO at this point, not General Winfield. [He later
recalled that there wasn't that much missing from the transcript.]
He recalled a discussion about what they were going to do with any future
threats and that's when the Vice President came forward with other specificity.
However, the "pin drop" moment was when the "15 minutes" language came over the
speaker phone. All heads in the room turned toward the speaker, he recalled."
"General Winfield took over at some point in relation to the report of the
Pennsylvania crash. [Crash was at 10:03, so any reporting would be after that time.]
There was a question as to whether the military shot down the airplane that he
believes was not captured on the transcript. The issue was who's talking to those pilots
right now so we can talk to them and find out if the fighters shot down an aircraft. His
recall was that the fighters overhead were Andrews fighters."
"There was never a doubt, he said, that the President was in control that day. His
specific reference was to the Vice President's language, "I've confirmed ... " He also
knows from his job that the President is always capable of constant communication with
the national leadership. He again reaffirmed that there was never a doubt in his mind."
Leidig was the acting Deputy Director for Operations, sitting in for Brigadier General Montague Winfied, who was conveniently absent until later.  It looks like the Joint Chiefs arranged for this completely unprepared guy - he had been qualified to do this job for a month - to guard the chicken coop while the fox went egg hunting.

Let's roll (not)

From Cryptome, "Interview of Behrooz Sarshar, former FBI translator", part of the 9/11 Commission:
"Mr. Sarshar said he knew some Arabic and helped translate the tape from the
Flight 93 when it first became available. He described what he heard and said he did not
believe the passengers got into the cockpit based on what he heard on the tape ."

More all over the place

I've noticed a big pile of non-Wikileaks stuff piling up, and will have to get around to it, but first I need to reduce the Wikileaks pile.  As always, nothing of any significance.
"Cables: US Upset by Nordic Defense Cooperation" - "The United States should remind Norway where its security guarantee comes from."

This is kinda big, and disappeared from consciousness:  "Wikileaks: US-Nato plan to defend Baltics from Russia"

Those crazy Norwegians:  "Conversely, Norwegians are extremely opposed to the use of military force to achieve goals, no matter how laudable."  That is a wonderful sentence.

"Swedish Officials Complained To US That Hollywood-Pushed IPRED 'Anti-Piracy' Law Did More Harm Than Good"

Speaking of having Hollywood draft your intellectual property laws, Wikileaks has provided the opportunity for Spanish politicians to be re-bribed!

"Brazil - Cablegate : how the US sees the landless movement in Brazil"  Go on, take a wild guess!

"Jakarta accused over Papua"

"WikiLeaks cables: Iraq security firms operate 'mafia' to inflate prices"  You know its bad when Haliburton calls  it a 'mafia'.

"Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits."  Another champion sentence.

"WikiLeaks: Secret whaling deal plotted by US and Japan"  Plotting a malicious prosecution.

Every year, the Jews hold a contest to see which Jew most exemplifies the values of the worst 'anti-Semitic' stereotypes.  Unfortunately, there has never been a winner as there are just too many worthy candidates.  Related:  "WikiLeaks: Israel demanded bribes for goods entering Gaza"

Who said this?:
"We only know these crimes took place because insiders blew the whistle at great personal risk. . . Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal."

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hasbara vs Reality

Hasbara fantasy story that Palestinians won't talk to the ever-so-willing Jews: "Netanyahu to Mubarak: Press Palestinians on direct talks"

"Israel to Palestinians: How can we make peace if you won't talk to us?"

Reality: "Israelis refused to ‘read or touch’ detailed Palestinian documents"  I'm reminded of process servers serving documents by throwing them at people.  Perhaps the Palestinians could toss them at Israeli authorities.

Is the problem with journalism just stupidity?

Guy writing in the Guardian complains about the complete lack of journalistic ethics displayed by Wikileaks in the publication of a cable on Zimbabwe, a cable published first - even before Wikileaks itself! -  in the . . . um . . . Guardian:
"The only problem? It wasn't Wikileaks who originally published that cable. It was The Guardian itself, who not only published the document prior to Wikileaks, but also admits that it, not Wikileaks or Assange, chose which cables to publish and when. It did alert Wikileaks to what it was going to publish, but the release and publication of this document was done by The Guardian - the very same publication that Richardson then used to slam Wikileaks for supposedly being the one to create the problems in Zimbabwe. Oops.

Of course, Richardson is not a reporter. He's a well-connected political operative in the US, with ties to politicians who have been attacking Wikileaks. He ran online communications for the RNC during John McCain's presidential campaign. So it's pretty clear that there are ulterior motives in bashing Wikileaks, but it's quite ironic that he chose The Guardian as his publication of choice to do so, since they're actually the ones that broke the particular story. Will Richardson now write a similar piece suggesting The Guardian has blood on its hands?

Even more to the point is an analysis by Charles Homans, at Foreign Policy magazine, who notes that Mugabe has had it in for Tsvangirai for years anyway -- and that "Tsvangirai has been variously arrested, beaten, tortured, thrown from a 10th-floor window, and involved in a suspicious collision with a truck that claimed his wife's life" in just the last decade or so. The idea that this one leak is what really created problems in Zimbabwe is laughable. Mugabe has been plotting against this guy for ages, and would use any possible excuse to attack him again. The problem here is not Wikileaks. It's not The Guardian. It's an unstable country with a man in Robert Mugabe who likes to crush any political opposition. To try to pin that all on Wikileaks is beyond misleading and desperate. It's just plain deceitful."
"Judith Miller Responds To Backlash Over Assange Comments" When you are in a hole, even a hole created by a desire to search for your mythical weapons of mass destruction, the best advice is to stop digging.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

All over the place

Leaking all over the place (you'll note - or be told by American imperialists - that none of these revelations is the least bit important) -

"WikiLeaks cables: Bangladeshi 'death squad' trained by UK government"

"WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia's Arm to Invade Somalia"

"Germany Denies Secret Spy Project With U.S."

"WikiLeaks: US targets EU over GM crops" - by lobbying the Pope, but it doesn't seem to have worked (my emphasis in red):
"A Martino deputy told us recently that the cardinal had co-operated with embassy Vatican on biotech over the past two years in part to compensate for his vocal disapproval of the Iraq war and its aftermath – to keep relations with the USG [US government] smooth. According to our source, Martino no longer feels the need to take this approach."
 "Wikileaks: US Should Retaliate Against EU for Genetically Modifed Resistance"

"Israel said would keep Gaza near collapse - Wikileaks"

"U.S. Embassy Turned a Blind Eye as Suspected CIA Banker Allen Stanford Bilked Investors, Secret Cables Reveal"

"Wikileaks Panama: Superb coverage from Bananama Republic on the Martinelli leaks"

"France heads industrial espionage: WikiLeaks cables"

"WikiLeaks cables: McDonald's used US to put pressure on El Salvador"

There is a lot more, but I've been fighting the browser to get anything done today, so I'm giving up.

Monday, January 03, 2011

It is all a game

"Chavez, Clinton shake hands, chat amid tensions" "Photos du Soir: Seen at Dilma Rousseff's inauguration" "Kaption Kompetition Time!"  This is in the context of another crisis engineered by the U. S. State Department.

While the Americans, and Hillary, rail about Iran's nukes, the Wikileaks cables reveal that they actually don't believe a word they say.

"Networks of Empire and Realignments of World Power" As valuable as individual cables are, the Wikileaks releases are probably more important in their description of the general mechanics of how the Empire and its Collaborators work together.

Via wood s lot, "Battle Lines", the great debate - the only permitted debate in the United States - between 'Type L' and 'Type C'.

"Judith Miller Criticizes Julian Assange For Not Verifying Sources"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

More jokes

"WikiLeaks: Israel preparing for 'large scale war'":
"Israel's army chief told a US Congress delegation in late 2009 he was preparing for a large war in the Middle East, probably against Hamas or Hezbollah
'I am preparing the Israeli army for a large scale war, since it is easier to scale down to a smaller operation than to do the opposite,' Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi was quoted as saying in a cable from the US embassy in Tel Aviv.
The document, dated November 15, 2009, was quoted Sunday in Norwegian by Oslo-based daily Aftenposten, which said it had obtained WikiLeaks' entire cache of 251,187 leaked US embassy cables."
and international war criminal Gabi Ashkenazi makes with more Jewish jokes (note the error - the attack on innocent civilians in Gaza had nothing to do with the rockets, which were not fired by Hamas and had stopped well before the Jewish slaughter began):
"The Gaza war - a response to hundreds of rockets fired into the Jewish State - killed some 1,400 mainly civilian Palestinians and 13 Israelis, 10 of them soldiers. It ended on January 18, 2009.
Israel had been harshly criticised for putting civilians at risk during fighting in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

However, in the cable leaked Sunday Ashkenazi is quoted saying Israel next time will not accept 'any restrictions on warfare in populated areas,' and insisted the army had never intentionally attacked civilian targets."

Was it just tear gas?

The Jews murdered yet another peaceful protester, Jawaher Abu Rahme, killed through the inhalation of tear gas fired by the IDF.  Odd to die of tear gas fired in the open air.  Felice Gelman:
"The gas, according to several people I was with, was much more debilitating than they had experienced before. I can say, in addition to burning the eyes and nose, it caused significant chest pain. It also remained effective even when it was no longer visible in the air. You would think you had moved away from it and suddenly you couldn't breathe. While I was never closer to the IOF than 300 yards, a young boy only six feet away from collapsed from the gas effects and was taken to the hospital."
Is it within the realm of possibility that the Jews are testing some form of poison gas, possibly for the Americans (the canisters were made in the United States)? 

"Demonstrators 'return' tear gas canisters to US ambassador home over the murder of a Bil'in protester"  With that famous Jewish sense of humor that has helped to make the Jews a beloved people throughout history, the protesters 'returning' the spent canisters have been charged with attacking the American ambassador.