Thursday, January 13, 2011

American supremacists

It is amazing how much the two violent racist supremacist groups in the United States, the Jews and the Whites, manage to integrate themselves into each others issues.  Of course, they deeply hate each other, but the white supremacists have a grudging admiration for the massive success of ZOG, and the 'scientific anti-Semites' spend a considerable amount of time examining the Jews for hints at how the white supremacists might find some success.   Here we have a white supremacist problem - a challenge to the manipulation of violence and threats of violence used in lieu of democracy - that has been completely taken over by the Jews:
  1. the raising of the issue of the attack as 'anti-Semitic' due to the Jewishness of the presumed main target;
  2. the lightning-fast, if terribly weak, attempt by World Jewry, to disprove the problem that the assassin was almost certainly Jewish;
  3. the clumsy - but probably clumsy like a fox (or Fox) - use by Palin of the term 'blood libel', immediately piled on by the usual suspects as being a term, like the Holocaust, that solely belongs to the Jews (with Abe and the concentration camp guard backing off a little as Palin is 'good for the Jews').
I'm surprised Palin didn't claim to be a Holocaust survivor (at which point Elie 'Holocaust winner' Wiesel would have said "Really? What's it feel like?")
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