Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another big day

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream is reporting as if the end of Mubarak [changed!] is a given, and wondering what the regional effects will be.  Another curfew is being enthusiastically ignored.

The standard response of World Jewry is to compare the protesters in Egypt to the American-Zionist attempted counter-revolution that occurred in Iran after the election that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won in a landslide.  Completely backasswards, of course, as the Iranian protesters were led by the old plutocracy (which isn't to say that there weren't some legitimate protesters too).  It is the plutocracy that the Egyptian revolution is fighting to remove.

"Iran and Egypt: a Zionist explains the difference"  The Jews and their American slaves are agonized about violence and loss of stability in Egypt, but had no such concerns about Iran.

Sometimes the American imperialist bias is so thick it makes Americans queasy.

"Could a U.S. government crackdown take America off the internet?"

"Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet" - from Wired, so watch out for Pentagon trickery.

"Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down"
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