Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dangerous territory

Look for this not to happen (from a comment by JEP to a Talking Points Memo posting on Palin bullseye spin, contradicted, in the 'Late update', by Palin's own words, and referring to more right-wing laughs):
"The FBI needs to get the guest list from Kelly's M-16 campaign event. There's some REAL smoking guns in this investigation, and not just metaphorical evidence."
The 'third rail' of American politics - far too dangerous to touch - since the JFK assassination has been the connections between the mainstream right and the extremist ultra-violent right. The Tea Party is one of the clearest examples, a media creation funded and promoted by a small group of very rich Republicans.  The crazies can do things the Plutocrats (Kochs, Murdoch, etc) want done, but can't do themselves.  Remember that one of their main goals is to de-democratize the country, by making politics an undesirable job for decent human beings, and isolating the remaining politicians from the people.
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