Sunday, January 09, 2011


The media started with the assertion that Jared Lee Loughner was actually a left-winger.  This is standard procedure, so much so that I think they must have a media guide instructing them how to handle difficult PR situations.

When the videos obviously demonstrated an obsession with the ideas of the extreme right (which is no longer distinguishable from the mainstream right), they immediately switched to the idea that he is insane, and therefore partisan politics became irrelevant.

Following the 'fair and balanced' idea of providing 'objectivity' by staging debates between right wingers of varying degrees of radicalism, the main argument is now that both right and left wingers have to tone down the rhetoric, the right-wingers for painting cross-hairs on their political opponents and making both overt and veiled threats of extreme violence, and the left-wingers for the 'name-calling' in complaining about it! Since both sides are to blame, it can't be a partisan issue!

The white supremacists have recently been gloating over the success of their wedge issue, immigration, and how successful it has been as a propaganda weapon, starting, in all places, in Arizona.  They went suddenly silent after the shooting.  We are now seeing the standard  mind-control argument emerging.  Whenever some gun nut goes on a rampage and kills a bunch of innocents, the killer is depicted as under government control, programmed to provide the PR to allow the 'gun-grabbers' to make gun ownership illegal.  Again, the standard argument, hilarious in its predictability.

Of course, the Koch Brothers and Murdoch have Palin under strict PR lockdown, scrubbing her media presence of any threatening language, and carefully handling her image reincarnation.  They will carefully guide her through the next few weeks - no unsupervised tweeting! - to preserve their valuable asset.
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