Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jaron Lanier, who must get paid by the word, submits his job application to the U. S. State Department.  It is funny how much American commentary on Wikileaks is driven entirely by giddy love of U. S. imperialism, even from places where you wouldn't expect it.

"The 1947 Exodus ("The Return")"  Part of the enormous, but essential, PR base created for us over the last 100 years so that we might swallow a strong dose of violent racist supremacism.  Some history had to be disappeared in the process.  The essay would look a lot more professional with the loss of the numerology at the end.

It is amusing to read all the commentaries on how bad Joe Lieberman was/is and note that not one of them dares point out what caused this extremely liberal guy to turn into such a monster.

The connections allowed the incompetents to become the elites:  "Evidence of an American Plutocracy: The Larry Summers Story"  Americans are paying an awful price for it.

" proves JFK ambulance is a fake."  Demonstrating all the integrity for which auctioneers are famous:  "Barrett-Jackson Auction Company doesn't know what it is, doesn't care. On with the auction!"
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