Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"David F. Noble: In Memoriam"

Polite:  "Dershowitz is unreliable narrator"

Return of the Ottoman Empire:  "Maariv: Turkish FM says he envisions one Israeli-Palestinian state under Ankara's protection"

Typically hilarious and misleading American mainstream media headline:  "Doctor defends research tying vaccine to autism"

Speaking of lying about autism: "Was the Huffington Post Founded as a Disinformation Site?"

Related (a sausage-making story): "Former Huffington Post Chief Is Hired to Run Glenn Beck Site"

"U.S. missile-defense test fails over Pacific" Since Israel relies on this technology, get ready for Holocaust II: The Sequel (I imagine Eli will be the winner of that one too).

Heaps of hasbara hilarity:  "Skeptical 'Washington Post' report on teargassing death is written by reporter said to have served in Israeli army"

The concentration camp guard has been having great fun over Arab conspiracy theories.  "Lies of the Israeli media: the story of the Mossad vulture"  "Jeffrey Goldberg’s innuendo belied by history" 

"Goldberg’s next war sure sounds a lot like his last one"

"How the media played up Saddam Hussein's toppled statue"  Old news, but it is still amazing how the entire American mainstream media stood around and watched this Pentagon show and then parroted the same Pentagon lies in their reporting.  Trained lying seals.

Much as I hate Norman Spector, this is a good story, and shows how long the Jews have been up to their tricks:
"I would have asked Mr. Cotler these two questions because of an incident that occurred when I was ambassador to Israel and he was a McGill University law professor who periodically brought justices of the Supreme Court of Canada to Israel to meet with their judicial counterparts.

The program had the backing of the Government of Canada. And the incident involved Antonio Lamer who, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, stood No. 3 in Canada's Table of Precedence.

When I learned that Mr. Lamer was to be escorted on a visit to East Jerusalem by Israeli officials, I sought direction from Ottawa. I was advised by officials at the foreign ministry that this was not the first time the Israelis had tried such a manoeuvre in order to buttress their claim to that part of the city. And I was directed to discourage Mr. Lamer from carrying through with the visit under these arrangements, which he readily agreed to. Mr. Cotler was furious, and he severely upbraided me in the local press. Which I thought at the time, and still do, was entirely inappropriate."
Related (there has never been a 'Good Israel', nor are there any 'Good Jews' who would do the right thing if only they were in power): "The myth of “Good Israel” vs. “Bad Israel”"

Hey, Noam:  "Coca Cola, P&G, Westinghouse, Philip Morris, Hewlett Packard wanted to open Gaza border. But they're chopped liver"

We could ruin all the bad guys tomorrow if we wanted to:  "Retired Soccer Star: 'We Control The Banks,' Calls For Massive Money Withdrawal"
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