Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Baby Doc arrest was a scam, intended to launder him of criminal baggage so he can no doubt go on to head the kleptocracy.

Canadian ZOG forces the showing of the anti-Iranian hate film.

"State Dept. Anti-Semitism Envoy Misrepresented By Washington Post Blogger"  Their ultra-Zionist blogger just made stuff up. The Washington Post reaches a new low in what passes for journalism, but nothing will be done about it for the usual reason.

"Well this one could be a suicide" "Israeli army discharges soldier for shooting Palestinian civilian"  The Jews seem to realize they are about to lose their state, and with it the ability to legally - at least by their own violent supremacist racist version of law - commit massive and vile crimes, and so are accelerating their criminality while they can.  The upcoming huge war crimes tribunal of the entire Jewish population of Israel will have to deal with this murderer with an appropriately long sentence.

"J&J Sued For Trying To Avoid Recall By Sending People To Buy Up Defective Motrin"  Johnson & Johnson used to have a better than average reputation based on the fact it was supposedly more honest than the other lyin' pharmaceutical companies, but the logic of capitalism means that every corporation has to lie (note how "Our Credo" contained responsibilities to those other than shareholders, something the J&J executives must now find hilarious). 

"Evil Koch Industries Will Crush Well-Meaning Pranksters"  "Koch Industries Sues Prankster For Saying It Cares About Environment"

"The Desperate Campaign to Discredit Jane Mayer"  "The Smearing of Jane Mayer"

Kochroaches don't like the light.
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