Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2010

"EU Spying Scandal of 2003 Points to Mossad"

The sheer incompetence of Zionist defenders is heartwarming.

Funny Cryptome graph of Wikileaks leaking speed - molasses in January.   It was on the basis of a sliver of this sliver that the conspiracy poseurs made all their allegations about Assange working for Israel.

Polishing a turd:  "Boycott Victory Update - Ahava is rebranding"

Unfortunately, Tunisia has already turned into a clever rebranding effort by the same mafia clans that ran the place under Ben Ali.  He left so quickly to allow them to keep the money flowing under a 'national unity' government, i.e., the same crooks with a few outsiders who will get a small taste of the loot to keep them quiet.  Since the object of the hatred seems to be gone, the crooks will be able to create an electable slate of candidates to front the same corruption.

The Tunisian revolution was a combination of:
  1. an educated population, very underpaid for its potential productivity;
  2. obvious corruption and violent repression of any dissent; and
  3. rapid food price inflation
the latter triggering event caused by a deadly combination of first world agricultural subsidies, global warming, ethanol subsidies, and the beggar-thy-neighbor financial policies of the United States ('quantitative easing').  This food price problem is only going to get worse.

It is funny that the ZOG was so preoccupied with causing a civil war in Lebanon - requiring Israeli intervention which is supposed to end with the Jews killing people and stealing land up to the Litani River (which they will have to reluctantly keep for 'security' reasons) - that they dropped the ball in Tunisia.

Purest Zionist propaganda:  "A sliver of hope in the Middle East"

"The 6 Most Disastrous Attempts at Internet Damage Control"  (via techdirt - "Cracked Lists Streisand Effect Sufferers, Curiously Leaves Out Streisand").
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