Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Unintended Inevitable

We've already worked through the various stages of right-wing nut spin, ending up at the inevitable slight of Scots-Irish honor - we're insulted that you would notice what we're up to.  Of course, the final stage is for everybody else to turn away in shame, afraid of hurting the feelings of the crazies.  It is easier to pretend it never happened than to call them out on it.

Isolated incidents.

The right-wing media enablers abuse threats of violence so casually that comedy is inevitable:  "Glenn Beck: We Must Stand Together Against All Violence (With A Gun In Our Hands)"

It is not that the Palins of the world want violence to occur, at least against specific targets, it is just that they don't care.  The point is to cheapen political discourse, to make politics unseemly, to deter good and decent people from participating in it. Functioning politics is bad for the plutocrats, so their stooges do everything they can to denigrate it.  Winking at violence as an alternative is just one of their tricks.  Sometimes things happen that they didn't exactly want to happen (or so they tell us and themselves).  We could call it the Unintended Inevitable.
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